Urban Sector Group

Facilitates knowledge flow on holistic and integrated approaches to the development of Competitive, Inclusive, and Green Cities to maintain vital economic growth while creating sustainable, resilient, and liveable cities in Asia.

Offers courses on urban planning and management toward environment-friendly economic growth of climate change ready cities.

Contact: Urban Group Coordinator

Title Date Focal Person
Built on Sand: Why Livable Cities Need to Find a Sustainable Source 27 Jun 2019
Condominial Water and Wastewater Systems: Examining the Elements and Successful Examples of the Estero de Paco Pilot Project 21 Jun 2019
Youth Engagement Models for Water Supply and Sanitation Projects: Lessons from Dushanbe 18 Jun 2019
Smart Urban Water Management: Lessons from Macao Water Utility and ADB Projects in Rajasthan, India 29 May 2019
Project Readiness Financing (PRF) to Support Climate-Resilient Engineering Design and High Project Implementation Readiness of Urban Sector Projects 08 May 2019
Impactful Resilience Building in Communities 21 Mar 2019
Urban Development in India – An Agenda 19 Mar 2019
Integrated Flood Risk Management 19 Mar 2019
Nonrevenue Water Management and 24/7 Water Supply in Cities — How ADB Helps the Government 14 Mar 2019
What the Heck is Smart City? Experiences from Seoul 07 Mar 2019
Designing and Implementing India’s First City-wide Flood Forecasting and Early Warning System 18 Jan 2019
Updates on AquaRating Tool for Water and Wastewater Utilities Development 16 Jan 2019
The Who, What, and How of Seoul as a Smart City 08 Jan 2019
X-band Rainfall Radars 19 Dec 2018
Defining Operations and Maintenance under Design-Build-Operate Contracts as Applied to ADB Infrastructure Projects 11 Dec 2018