Sing (Terry) Cho

Senior Urban Development Specialist (Waste Management)
Profile / Bio: 

Terry is the Senior Urban Development Specialist (Waste Management) of the Asia Development Bank (ADB). He joined ADB from the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) and the World Bank, where he was employed as the Senior Water and Sanitation Specialist at the World Bank (WB) and the Senior Investment Operations Specialist at the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) with over eighteen years of experience in the development of solid waste disposal, water supply, and wastewater treatment projects in Asia. Prior to joining the WB and AIIB, he held various consultancy roles for 11 years in leading consultancy firms including Camp Dresser & McKee, becoming an international expert in waste management technologies.

His interests are centered on the development and implementation of new technologies in the context of water security and sustainable waste management. Over the years he has gained considerable experience both in China and overseas, more recently in Bangladesh and India, working alongside technology companies, end-users of technology, and governments. He managed complex projects, coordinated with strategic partnerships, and identified and secured international development funding sources. He holds an MSc in Chemical Engineering from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and is a Chartered Engineer in