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30 June 2022
09:00 am – 12:05 pm, Western Indonesia Time (WIB)

Four billion or 92 percent of people in Asia and the Pacific are exposed to air pollution levels that endanger their health...

29 June 2022
Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are the backbone of Southeast Asian economies, accounting for an average of 97% of all businesses and 69% of the national labor force across the region....
28 June 2022

The SECURE Webinar Series #3: COVID-19 Vaccination Programs and Climate Change brought together experts, scholars, and practitioners to share experiences and observations over climate change and...

27 June 2022 to 29 July 2022

This session will be the first of three technical sessions to explore risk knowledge in the Pacific in more detail. We will hear from government departments and regional experts who will summarise...