Education Sector Group

Plans and monitors ADB’s support to the sector, conducts analytical studies on education issues, and promotes interagency coordination in education development to achieve universal access to education in Asia and related issues.

Offers courses on formal and non-formal education planning and development.

Contact: Education Group Coordinator

Title Date Focal Person
10th ADB International Skills Forum: A New Era Digitalized and Climate-Resilient Human and Social Development 17 - 19 Oct 2023
Digital Jobs and Digital Skills A Shifting Landscape in Asia and the Pacific - Joint report launch by ADB and LinkedIn 06 Oct 2022
K–12 Education Transformation Framework for a ‘New Normal’ Summit 28 - 30 Jun 2022
Digital Transformation and Women’s Employment: The Case of South Korea 06 May 2022
Crossing the River by Touching the Stones: Alternative TVET Approaches in People’s Republic of China and Republic of Korea 15 Mar 2022
Transforming Higher Education and Serving Future Learning Societies 23 Feb 2022
Education Sector Group Presentations 17 Jan 2022
Investing in Education, Skills, and Research Collaborations for Climate Action 10 Dec 2021
A New Pathway for the Creative Economy: Recovery, Growth and Jobs? 08 Dec 2021
Building Resilience into School Systems: Policy and Practice: An Online Workshop for Policymakers, Teacher Educators and School Leaders 06 - 10 Dec 2021
9th International Skills Forum: Reimagining Education and Skills Development for a New Normal 23 - 27 Aug 2021
Shaping a Better Employment Landscape for People with Disabilities in Asia-Pacific 11 Aug 2021
Powering a Learning Society During an Age of Disruption - Book Launch 09 Jul 2021
Gender Sensitive WASH: Opportunities for Girls’ Education 21 Jun 2021
ADB-KEDI Joint Workshop: Promoting STEM Education - The Case of Uzbekistan 15 Jun 2021