Investing in Education, Skills, and Research Collaborations for Climate Action


Investing in Education, Skills, and Research Collaborations for Climate Action

10 December 2021

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Education and training have a critical role to play in combating the negative effects of climate change. Climate-induced disasters adversely affect education systems, like floods and natural disasters, disrupting education. However, education and training can be major drivers for knowledge solutions and behavior change for positive climate action. Advanced education and skills will contribute to effective adaptation and mitigation. International research collaborations in climate action will increase the capacity of the Asia and Pacific region to put knowledge and technology to work to improve resilience. Advanced digital technologies have enormous potential in contributing to climate-smart interventions. Investment in skills for sustainability can drive greener occupations and jobs.

​​​​​​​In this panel discussion at ADB Resilience Learning Month, global experts will share experiences on climate change-related education and training. They will present important arenas for action in education, skills, research, and scientific collaborations for effective and timely climate action needed for sustainable economies and societies.

Program and Learning Materials: 
Date Session / Activity Presentation Material Speaker(s)
10 Dec 2021 Opening Welcome and Opening Remarks Arghya Sinha Roy
10 Dec 2021 Presentation 1 Experiences and Lessons from Strengthening Climate Change Education for Sustainable Development at National and Regional Levels Vibeke Jensen
10 Dec 2021 Presentation 2 Implementing TCS Sustainathon ASEAN 2021 and the Role of Corporates in Promoting Sustainability and Inclusion in Education Shiju Varghese
10 Dec 2021 Presentation 3 Promoting Inclusive Partnerships for Green Transformation toward Carbon Neutrality in Korea with developing countries Dukwoo Jun
10 Dec 2021 Presentation 4 Research and Learning Partnerships for the Circular Economy and Implementing Carbon Neutral Initiatives Lerwen Liu
10 Dec 2021 Moderator-led Discussions with Panelists
10 Dec 2021 Q&A and Discussions with the Audience
10 Dec 2021 Closing Closing Remarks Shanti Jagannathan


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