Digital Jobs and Digital Skills A Shifting Landscape in Asia and the Pacific - Joint report launch by ADB and LinkedIn


Digital Jobs and Digital Skills A Shifting Landscape in Asia and the Pacific - Joint report launch by ADB and LinkedIn

06 October 2022

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) and LinkedIn collaborated on a joint report to gain a better understanding of the emerging landscape of jobs and skills in an increasingly digital workplace. The report leveraged real-time data from LinkedIn’s Economic Graph to present insights on the shaping of the workforce in the digital economy and the nature of jobs, skills, and qualifications that are flourishing in the market, as well as the impact of COVID-19 on job trends. In parallel, it highlighted key findings from a survey commissioned by ADB on the growing significance of digital credentials that certify digital skills and online learning. Employers and online education providers were surveyed on talent hiring with digital skills in emerging industries and how they perceive digital credentials compared with traditional qualifications and degrees.

The LinkedIn analysis covered India, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines, as well as Australia, Singapore, and the United States (US), the latter three as benchmark countries. The survey of digital credentials commissioned by ADB, covers Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, and the Philippines, with the US as the developed economy comparator. The report analyzed three sectors deemed to be of importance in the future— renewable energy, e-learning, and smart cities—to track trends in digital skill supply and demand and the nature of digital occupations.

The event was a hybrid – panel speakers presented in person; most of the audience was virtual, except interested ADB HQ staff.


Program and Learning Materials: 
Date Session / Activity Presentation Material Speaker(s)
06 Oct 2022 Presentation Digital Jobs and Digital Skills A shifting landscape in Asia and the Pacific
Shanti Jagannathan
06 Oct 2022 Panel Joint report launch by ADB and LinkedIn Bruno Carrasco, Dave Woodward, Trisha Suresh, Shanti Jagannathan, Jack Madrid, Lito Tayag, Gi Soon Song, Sungsup Ra, Karen Lane


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