Climate Change and Disaster Risk Management Thematic Group

Provides technical support bank-wide to increase ADB investments in climate change adaptation, mitigation, and disaster risk reduction, covering—among others—climate change impact assessment of critical infrastructure, disaster risk financing in DMCs, urban resilience, and climate smart agriculture operations.

Contact: Loreta Rufo, Group Coordinator

Title Date Focal Person
Green Road to Kunming: Planning Environmentally Sustainable Infrastructure — Workshop Series 2022 28 Apr 2022 - 23 Jun 2022
Unlocking Opportunities to Deliver Disaster-Resilient Infrastructure in Asia and the Pacific 27 Apr 2022
Joint Gender, Climate, Environment Session Highlights Women’s Leadership in Tackling Climate Change 11 Mar 2022
The Systematic Observations Financing Facility (SOFF): Exploring Opportunities for ADB 14 Dec 2021
Risk Assessment Frameworks for Resilient Infrastructure 03 Dec 2021
Digital Economy and Carbon Neutrality 25 Nov 2021
Climate Finance Tracking and Paris Agreement Alignment 25 Nov 2021
Capacity Development Course 22 Nov 2021 - 07 Dec 2021
Leveraging Insurance for Resilient Infrastructure 09 Sep 2021
Nature-based Solutions for Resilient Infrastructure 15 Jul 2021
Building Resilience of the Power System in the Low-Carbon Transition 28 Apr 2021
Towards Resilient Water Systems 24 Mar 2021
Business Unusual for Resilient Urban Infrastructure 25 Feb 2021
Measures for Strengthening Resilience of Infrastructure 09 Dec 2020
Assessing Climate and Disaster Risks of Infrastructure Systems 11 Nov 2020