Adaptation without Borders

Series: 2022 Resilience Learning Month

Adaptation without Borders

19 September 2022

Implications of climate risk are increasingly being felt beyond borders.

The session introduced the global partnership Adaptation Without Borders, created in response to the emerging global challenge of transboundary climate risk, to create opportunities to strengthen international cooperation and to pave the way toward global resilience.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ 


Event Summary

Program and Learning Materials: 
Date Session / Activity Presentation Material Speaker(s)
19 Sep 2022 Presentation 1 An introduction to transboundary climate risks – with global examples and case studies Magnus Benzie, Adaptation Without Borders (AWB) and Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI)
19 Sep 2022 Presentation 2 Transboundary climate risks in the Hindu Kush Himalaya region Arun Bhakta Shrestha, AWB and International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD)
19 Sep 2022 Presentation 3 Potential adaptation options that can be taken collectively and by individual governments Sarah Opitz Stapleton, AWB and Overseas Development Institute (ODI)
19 Sep 2022 Presentation 4 Adaptation Without Borders – who we are and what we do Katy Harris, AWB and SEI
19 Sep 2022 Reflections from discussants David Anthony Raitzer, ADB

Ancha Srinivasan, ADB
19 Sep 2022 Open Discussion Arghya Sinha Roy, ADB
19 Sep 2022 Closing remarks, synthesis of key takeaways Lola Vallejo, AWB and Institut du Développement Durable et des Relations Internationales (IDDRI)
19 Sep 2022 Round of thanks, draw event to a close Arghya Sinha Roy, ADB


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