Risk Assessment Frameworks for Resilient Infrastructure

Series: 2021 Resilience Learning Month

Risk Assessment Frameworks for Resilient Infrastructure

03 December 2021

Drawing from a forthcoming SDCC publication on the “state of play” on disaster-resilient infrastructure in Asia and the Pacific, a risk assessment framework for infrastructure will be presented. The methodology includes the importance of a risk narrative, the role of risk modeling, and how this informs integrated findings for decision making will be explored. An illustrative case of critical roads in Pakistan will be presented.


Event Summary

Program and Learning Materials: 
Date Session / Activity Presentation Material Speaker(s)
03 Dec 2021 Overview Disaster resilient infrastructure through enhanced knowledge Therese Karger-Lerchl
03 Dec 2021 Overview Modelling as a DRM instrument to improve decision making under uncertainty (example Pakistan road sector) Neeraj Baruah
03 Dec 2021 Presentation 1 Risk Assessment Frameworks for Resilient Infrastructure
This presentation provides an overview of the Vivideconomics risk framework for critical infrastructures.
Therese Karger-Lerchl, Neeraj Baruah
03 Dec 2021 Presentation 2 Resilience Infrastructure in the Pacific Region
This presentation gives an overview of the importance of residual risks in disaster-resilient infrastructures.
Juan Francisco Gonzalez Jimenez
03 Dec 2021 Q&A Facilitator: Mario Unterwainig
03 Dec 2021 Closing Summary/Wrap-up Mario Unterwainig


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