Provides intellectual input for policy makers in ADB’s developing member countries.

Title Date Focal Person
2022 ADBI Annual Conference: Fostering Resilient Global Supply Chains Amid Risk and Uncertainty 28 - 30 Nov 2022
ADBI Featured Speaker Webinar: European Bank for Reconstruction and Development’s Alexander Plekhanov on Business Unusual Transition Report 25 Nov 2022
Asia Smart City Conference: Effective Measures Towards a Net-Zero Future in Asia and the Pacific 24 - 25 Nov 2022
ADBI Featured Speaker Webinar: Harvard University’s Fernando Reimers on Building Resilient Education Systems After the COVID-19 Pandemic 22 Nov 2022
Conference on Strengthening Health and Social Protection Systems in Asia: Challenges and Policies 08 Nov 2022
Conference on Water Resource Management for Achieving Food Security in Asia Under Climate Change 26 - 27 Oct 2022
Conference on the Quality of Basic Education in Southeast Asia 11 - 12 Oct 2022
ADB-ADBI Workshop on Development and Innovative Finance Session 3: Greening Micro- and Macro-prudential Frameworks 21 Sep 2022
Virtual Conference on Farmers’ Organizations and Sustainable Development 08 - 09 Sep 2022
Book Launch on Creative Economy 2030: Imagining and Delivering a Robust, Creative, Inclusive, and Sustainable Recovery 05 Sep 2022
ADBI Session on Shock Resilience, Economic Recovery, and Sustainable Development (2022 East Asian Economic Association Convention) 28 Aug 2022
ADBI Session on Green Hydrogen for Emission Mitigation (14th International Conference on Applied Energy) 10 Aug 2022
Virtual Conference on Rural and Agricultural Development in the Digital Age 08 - 12 Aug 2022
Virtual Training Workshop on Conflict Engagement and Resolution 05 - 09 Aug 2022
Book Launch: Fintech and COVID-19: Impacts, Challenges, and Priorities for Asia (2022 Singapore Economic Review Conference) 03 Aug 2022