Provides intellectual input for policy makers in ADB’s developing member countries.

Title Date Focal Person
ADBI-Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Webinar on Sanitation and Development: Sanitation and Household Behavior in Rural Bangladesh 16 Jul 2021
Please check ADBI website for copy of presentations. 15 Jul 2021 --
ADBI-UNESCAP Webinar on Building Post-COVID-19 Economic Resilience in Asia and the Pacific 15 Jul 2021
ADBI Featured Speaker Webinar: New Zealand Infrastructure Commission Board Chair Alan Bollard on the Role of Infrastructure in COVID-19 Recovery 07 Jul 2021
OECD-ADBI Roundtable on Insurance and Retirement Saving in Asia 29 - 30 Jun 2021
ADBI Featured Speaker Webinar: Greg Marsden on COVID-19 Era Travel Behavior and its Policy Implications in the United Kingdom 07 Jun 2021
ADBI Virtual Workshop on Analyzing Infrastructure Impacts in Asia Through Big Data: Spillover and Financing 03 - 04 Jun 2021
ADBI-JARTS-IIT Learning Series on High-Speed Rail Session 1: Megaproject Governance and Innovation 03 Jun 2021
Virtual Conference on Circular Economy in Emerging Markets: Unlocking the Potential for Green Recovery in Developing Asia (Regional Side Event of the World Circular Economy Forum) 02 Jun 2021
ADBI-KDI-ADB Virtual Workshop on Effective Public Debt Management for Sustainable Growth in Asia and the Pacific 26 May 2021
Please check ADBI website for copy of presentations. 26 May 2021 --
ADBI-University of Cambridge Webinar on Fintech and Regulatory Innovation: Project Showcase 19 May 2021
ADBI-Stanford University Virtual Workshop on Electricity Markets in a High-Renewables World 18 - 20 May 2021
ADBI-Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Roundtable on Sanitation and Development 20 - 21 Apr 2021
ASEAN - ADBI: Webinar on Creative Economy for Sustainable Development: Potential, Challenges and Ways Forward 20 Apr 2021