Provides intellectual input for policy makers in ADB’s developing member countries.

Title Date Focal Person
Workshop and Korea Showcase: Universities as Enablers of Vibrant Startup Ecosystems 26 - 29 Feb 2024
ADBI-Chulalongkorn University Webinar on Country Policies and Strategies on Carbon Pricing 29 Jan 2024
Middle Corridor: What Are the Economic Opportunities and Challenges? 23 Jan 2024
Book Launch Webinar: Infrastructure Spillover Impacts in Developing Asia 31 Aug 2023
Journal Special Issue Launch: Rural and Agricultural Development in the Digital Age 18 Aug 2023
Journal Special Issue Launch Webinar: Farmers’ Organizations and Sustainable Development 18 Aug 2023
Virtual Conference on Linking Farmers to Markets: Barriers, Solutions, and Policy Options 16 - 18 Aug 2023
26th Cross-Border Settlement Infrastructure Forum (CSIF) Meeting 28 Jul 2023
Online Workshop on Decarbonizing Sanitation for Sustainable Development 25 Jul 2023
Asian Economic Development Conference 2023: Asia’s Recovery and the Future of Globalization 15 - 16 Jul 2023
ADBI-Cambridge University Online Course on Digital Assets for Regulators 12 Jul 2023 - 29 Sep 2023
13th Asia-Pacific Financial Inclusion Forum: Policy Approaches to Support Green Financing of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises 21 - 22 Jun 2023
Webinar on the Economic Impact of Exclusion Based on SOGIESC (Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, Gender Expression, and Sex Characteristics) and the Promotion of Inclusion 07 Jun 2023
Eighth Tokyo Fiscal Forum 06 - 07 Jun 2023
Virtual Conference on Digital Connectivity Pathways: Exploring the Issues, Constraints, and Collaboration Prospects for Asia and the Pacific 05 - 06 Jun 2023