Workshop on Integrated Flood Risk Management


Workshop on Integrated Flood Risk Management

04 February 2020 to 06 February 2020

Asia and the Pacific face increasing risks from water-related disasters such as floods, droughts, rainstorms, storm surge, and landslides. Increasingly frequent and severe floods, combined with rapid economic growth and urbanization along rivers and in coastal areas, have caused significant loss of life and damage. In 2016 alone, Asia reported $87 billion in losses from disasters, of which about 25% was flood-related. Asia and the Pacific experienced over 5,000 deaths from floods and storms in 2017. 

The scale of flood risk in many countries is now so great that no single individual solution, such as the erection of a flood wall, will provide a sustainable level of resilience. Furthermore, single-solution approaches can also be very damaging and counter-productive with respect to long term flood risk and they often only benefit the few. It is now widely accepted that the development of sustainable, long-term flood resilience requires a management strategy that incorporates and combines a whole range of solutions (e.g. social, economic, financial, environmental, and institutional aspects, as well as engineering, disaster preparedness, insurance, and emergency response requirements). This "many baskets, many eggs" approach is generally the only way to manage flood risk in highly vulnerable countries, especially as climate change evolves. 

This workshop brought together 35 flood professionals from ADB's DMCs to discuss issues for Integrated Flood Risk Management (IFRM). Presenters focused on how IFRM can be implemented, while discussions included generalized approaches to flood management, nature-based solutions, insurance, urban planning, and economic analysis.


Program and Learning Materials: 
Date Session / Activity Presentation Material Speaker(s)
04 Feb 2020 Presentation Workshop Introduction
This presentation gave an overview of the workshop's objectives and themes, and also featured a quiz to test participants' knowledge of common flood myths...
Ian Wood
04 Feb 2020 Presentation Project Context and Practical Issues for Flood Management
This presentation gave a brief overview on the work that has been carried out under ADB's regional technical assistance project on Strengthening Integrated...
Ian Wood
04 Feb 2020 Presentation Understanding Risk: Risk Identification Solutions
This presentation discussed flood risk analysis, and how assessing hazard, exposure, and social vulnerability are vital in the identification of an effective...
Anthony Green
04 Feb 2020 Presentation Flood Risk Analytics and its Role in the IFRM Process
This presentation discussed flood risk analytics and the process of devising integrated flood risk management (IFRM) plans. It also explored the National...
Mark Lawless
04 Feb 2020 Presentation Insurance in Integrated Flood Risk Management - A Perspective Based on the 2011 Thailand Flooding
This presentation provided an overview of insurance and flood mitigation structure in the context of the 2011 flooding in Thailand. It also highlighted...
Jane Toothill
Date Session / Activity Presentation Material Speaker(s)
05 Feb 2020 Presentation Nature Based Solutions - A Component of Integrated Flood Risk Management
This presentation discussed the concept of Nature Based Solutions and how they are relevant in flood risk management in Asian countries.
Anthony Green, Ian Munt
05 Feb 2020 Presentation Land Use and IFRM
This presentation underscored the need for multiple tools and solutions in flood risk management in urban development. It also guided participants in ...
Guillaume Dulac, Ian Munt
05 Feb 2020 Group Exercise Developing an IFRM Roadmap
This presentation provided guide questions, templates, and references on how to devise an integrated flood risk management roadmap.
Date Session / Activity Presentation Material Speaker(s)
06 Feb 2020 Presentation Climate Change - Truths and Myths
This presentation dispelled various climate change truths and myths as it relates to flood risk management.
Ian Wood
06 Feb 2020 Presentation IFRM Financing
This presentation guided participants on the various financing issues related to IFRM from the perspective of ADB's developing member countries, as well...
Guillaume Dulac
06 Feb 2020 Presentation Flood Risk from Dams - TA 9634 Work with IWUMD in Myanmar
This presentation discussed the background and work that has been carried out under the TA 9634 with Myanmar's Irrigation and Water Utilization Management...
Anthony Green
06 Feb 2020 Presentation Coastal Flood Risk - Philippines Case Study
This presentation gave an overview of coastal flooding in the Philippines and the various modelling/mapping methods used to assess coastal flood risk.
Mark Lawless, Fay Luxford
06 Feb 2020 Presentation The City as a Sponge
This presentation discussed flood risk management in the context of Sponge Cities, an initiative that addresses increasing flood risk in urban areas, ...
Ian Munt


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