Guillaume Dulac

IFRM and Economics Specialist
, Landell-Mills
Profile / Bio: 

Guillaume has over 15 years of experience in international project development as a water and environmental engineer and economist. He specializes in Disaster Risk Management (DRM) and Fragile and Conflict-Affected Situations (FCAS).

His work with Development Finance Institutions (DFI) essentially consists in informing project design and packaging, such as economics and quantitative risk analysis at the project appraisal stage.

He worked on a variety of deals, of which major ventures in infrastructure planning relevant to DRM (floods, earthquakes, sea, and underground water hazards), Environmental Services (ES), and climate adaptation in Africa, Middle East, Eastern Europe, Asia, and the Caribbean.

His work draws from a variety of sources, including quantitative analysis, such as probabilistic modelling, political economy, social fabric, or security analysis, contextualized to data-scarce and uncertain environments. This holistic approach led him to develop an independent understanding and insights of complex Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA).


Title Date Learning Materials Topic
Main Presentation of Session 4: Economic and Finance for IFRM 30 March 2022 Slides Climate Change, Disaster Risk Management, Environment, Water
IFRM Financing 06 February 2020 Slides Water, Finance
Land Use and IFRM 05 February 2020 Slides Water