Anthony Green

Managing Director & Principal Consultant
Mekong Modelling Associates
Profile / Bio: 

Anthony Green has more than 30 years’ specialist experience working on river and water management projects in Argentina, Bangladesh, Belize, Cambodia, India, Laos, Pakistan, Philippines Thailand, UK and Vietnam. He completed his PhD in sedimentation transportation and has specialist environmental skills and interests including geomorphological assessments, sediment and nutrient modelling and hydrodynamic scour.

Tony has managed and been senior modeller on numerous flood projects, hydraulic analysis of hydropower, water networks and major water treatment works. He has also prepared terms of reference for flood and environmental studies and been manager and team leader for many international projects, catchment flood plans, planning and water resource studies.

Tony has been based in Cambodia since 2001 and worked as the Senior International Modelling Advisor and Chief Technical Advisor for Climate Change and Adaptation for Mekong River Commission. He established Mekong Modelling Associates in conjunction with JBA in 2014 and has since worked on a number of projects throughout Asia and is well-known for his local expertise