Virtual Dialogues on Resilient Infrastructure

Series: Virtual Dialogues on Resilient Infrastructure

Virtual Dialogues on Resilient Infrastructure

21 October 2020 to 15 July 2021

Infrastructure is central to improving the lives of people and achieving inclusive and sustainable development. ADB recognizes that investing in resilient infrastructure systems is a human, environmental and economic imperative with clear economic benefits. Asia and the Pacific will need to invest $26.2 trillion in infrastructure during 2016–2030 to maintain its growth momentum, eradicate poverty, and respond to climate change.

Delivering climate and disaster-resilient critical infrastructure systems across Asia and the Pacific will require collaboration, innovation, and investment on an unprecedented scale. Join us as we share regional and global voices, stories, and ideas to support this shift through ADB’s Virtual Dialogues on Resilient Infrastructure.

The Virtual Dialogues on Resilient Infrastructure series is targeted at government and practitioners in ADB’s Developing Member Countries (DMCs). The series featured interactive talks, case studies, and discussions that promote peer-to-peer learning and highlight regional and global voices, perspectives, and good practices on climate and disaster-resilient infrastructure. The diverse speaker line-up includes DMC representatives, ADB staff, and global resilience practitioners from the private and public sectors.

The Virtual Dialogues commenced in 2020 and will continue throughout 2021.

Program and Learning Materials: 
Date Session / Activity Presentation Material Speaker(s)
25 Feb 2021 Season 1
25 Feb 2021 21 October 2020 Towards Resilient Infrastructure
The inaugural session of the Virtual Dialogues on Resilient Infrastructure introduced the overall series and shared global and regional perspectives on...
25 Feb 2021 11 November 2020 Assessing Climate and Disaster Risks of Infrastructure Systems
As countries in Asia and the Pacific face an increasingly uncertain future, enhancing the resilience of infrastructure to disasters and climate change...
25 Feb 2021 9 December 2020 Measures for Strengthening Resilience of Infrastructure
The final event in season one of the Virtual Dialogues on Resilient Infrastructure showcased solutions for enhancing climate and disaster resilience in...
25 Feb 2021 Season 2
25 Feb 2021 25 February 2021 Business Unusual for Resilient Urban Infrastructure
The first webinar of the Virtual Dialogues on Resilient Infrastructure for 2021 focused on "business unusual for resilient urban infrastructure”. The ...
25 Feb 2021 24 March 2021 Towards Resilient Water Systems
Following the resilient urban infrastructure session, the second event of the Virtual Dialogues on Resilient Infrastructure for 2021 focused on the water...
25 Feb 2021 28 April 2021 Building Resilience of the Power System in the Low-Carbon Transition
The third event of the Virtual Dialogues on Resilient Infrastructure for 2021 focused on energy infrastructure resilience. The webinar brought together...
25 Feb 2021 Season 3
25 Feb 2021 15 July 2021 Nature-based Solutions for Resilient Infrastructure
Nature-based solutions are driving a global transformation from traditional grey infrastructure to functional and more cost-effective green and blue solutions...
25 Feb 2021 9 September 2021 Leveraging Insurance for Resilient Infrastructure
Insurance can play an important role in influencing behavior, lowering the economic impact from disaster events, and unlocking private sector financing...


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