Business Unusual for Resilient Urban Infrastructure

Series: Virtual Dialogues on Resilient Infrastructure

Business Unusual for Resilient Urban Infrastructure

25 February 2021

The first webinar of the Virtual Dialogues on Resilient Infrastructure for 2021 focused on "business unusual for resilient urban infrastructure”. The webinar brought together experts and practitioners to discuss opportunities to accelerate innovation for resilient urban infrastructure.

This Webinar was part of Season 2 of the Virtual Dialogues on Resilient Infrastructure series. 

Program and Learning Materials: 
Date Session / Activity Presentation Material Speaker(s)
25 Feb 2021 Presentation 1 Scene Setting for Resilient Urban Infrastructure
Manoj Sharma set the scene for resilience of urban infrastructure by reminding participants that 55% of Asia-Pacific region’s population will live in ...
Manoj Sharma
25 Feb 2021 Presentation 2 Risk-informed Urban Infrastructure Planning: Applying Climate and Disaster Risk Information
Alex Nash spoke on risk-informed planning and noted that such approaches are more about process than destination. That is, a good plan is one that adapts...
Alexander David Nash
25 Feb 2021 Presentation 3 Infrastructure for Urban Resilience: Integrating Gray and Nature-based Solutions
Kerrie Burge discussed the role that nature-based solutions (NbS) play in making urban infrastructure not only resilient but also inclusive and sustainable...
Kerrie Burge
25 Feb 2021 Presentation 4 UCCRTF: Economics of Urban Resilience
Matt Savage talked about measuring the benefits of investing in urban infrastructure resilience. He used as case UCCRTF’s work on examining the economics...
Matthew Savage


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