Towards Resilient Water Systems

Series: Virtual Dialogues on Resilient Infrastructure

Towards Resilient Water Systems

24 March 2021

Following the resilient urban infrastructure session, the second event of the Virtual Dialogues on Resilient Infrastructure for 2021 focused on the water sector. The webinar brought together experts and practitioners to discuss innovation and opportunities towards achieving resilient water infrastructure and systems in ADB’s Developing Member Countries.

This Webinar was part of Season 2 of the Virtual Dialogues on Resilient Infrastructure series.

Program and Learning Materials: 
Date Session / Activity Presentation Material Speaker(s)
24 Mar 2021 Presentation 1 Resilience to Floods (rather than resistance to floods)
This presentationshared the importance of building resilience to floods, rather than resisting floods. This requires flood risk management infrastructure...
Geoffrey Wilson
24 Mar 2021 Presentation 2 Dialogues on Resilient Infrastructure Drought Resilience: Irrigation, water harvesting, drainage
This presentationdiscussed protective irrigation, water harvesting and watershed management, and efficient drainage for salinity control to enhance drought...
Jelle Beekma
24 Mar 2021 Presentation 3 COVID-19 pandemic from the perspective of ADB’s Private Sector Operations Department
Hisaka Kimura highlighted resilient water and sanitation during recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic from the perspective of ADB’s Private Sector Operations...
Hisaka Kimura


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