Leveraging Insurance for Resilient Infrastructure

Series: Virtual Dialogues on Resilient Infrastructure

Leveraging Insurance for Resilient Infrastructure

09 September 2021

Insurance can play an important role in influencing behavior, lowering the economic impact from disaster events, and unlocking private sector financing for sustainable infrastructure investments and more effective disaster response and reconstruction.

This interactive session brought together experts and practitioners to discuss the value proposition of the insurance industry for quality infrastructure, de-risking infrastructure investments, and exploring innovative public-private partnerships.

Program and Learning Materials: 
Date Session / Activity Presentation Material Speaker(s)
09 Sep 2021 Welcome and Opening Address
09 Sep 2021 Moderated Discussion Moderator: Benita Ainabe
09 Sep 2021 Scene Setting Presentation Value Proposition of the Insurance Industry for Quality Infrastructure Projects
This presentation highlighted the increasingly complex nature of disaster risk and the need to develop new solutions to close the global insurance protection...
Ekhosuehi Iyahen
09 Sep 2021 ‘Burst’ Talks Partnerships for Coral Reef Finance and Insurance in Asia and the Pacific
This presented the case for the value of coral reefs in terms of maintaining genetic diversity and provisioning natural resources such as fish products...
Arun Abraham
09 Sep 2021 ‘Burst’ Talks The Role of the Insurance Industry Enabling Resilient Infrastructure
This presentation outlined the three roles the insurance industry plays with respect to infrastructure.
Christian Wertli
09 Sep 2021 Discussant/Reflections Reflections on Accessing Affordable Insurance in the Pacific
This presentation highlighted the increasing challenge of securing adequate insurance cover for infrastructure projects.
Jane Romero
09 Sep 2021 Document IDF Practical Guide to Insuring Public Assets
Infrastructure is an essential ingredient for the success of a modern economy that positively impacts output, productivity, and long-term growth.


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