RFI Inception Workshop


RFI Inception Workshop

06 December 2021 to 07 December 2021

via Zoom.

In July 2021, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) approved the regional knowledge and support technical assistance (KSTA) on Scaling Up the East Asian-Australasian Flyway (EAAF) Initiative. The EAAF is one of 8 major flyways for migratory birds worldwide, recognized for its globally important biodiversity values and critical ecosystem services, and also the most threatened due to the large-scale loss and degradation of its coastal, interltidal and freshwater wetland habitats. 

The technical assistance adds to long-term, sustained efforts in protecting and managing wetlands along the EAAF.  During implementation, it aims to: (i) enhance institutional capacity for understanding wetland values; (ii) develop a methodology for priority site selection and a Regional Flyway Initiative (RFI) investment framework; and (iii) develop an RFI sustainable financing mechanism. The TA is expected to result in a portfolio of viable nature-positive investments that enhances wetland biodiversity conservation and sustains socio-economic co-benefits at the highest priority sites.

Following the formal launch of the Regional Flyway Initiative (RFI) at the CBD COP 15 and UNFCCC COP 26, the Asian Development Bank (ADB), BirdLife International (BLI), and East Asian-Australasian Flyway Partnership (EAAFP) convened this virtual inception workshop to present the RFI’s goals, deliverables and timelines, while soliciting stakeholder inputs to shape its development. 

The agenda aimed to draw valuable insights on:

  • Country readiness and capacity development needs (e.g., for identification and measurement of co-benefits in sustainable wetland management)
  • Framework application on site selection 
  • Co-benefit evaluations, particularly on climate change and other ecosystem services 
  • Situational appreciation (e.g., anchoring deliverables in country planning, such as NDC commitments and post-Covid 19 rehabilitation)
  • Potential entry points and placeholders for investment concepts and sustainable financing mechanisms in the long-term



Program and Learning Materials: 
Date Session / Activity Presentation Material Speaker(s)
06 Dec 2021 Video RFI Inception Workshop Day 1
Video recording of Day 1
06 Dec 2021 10:00-10:05 AM PHT (GMT +8) Welcome Note & Event Brief Facilitator
06 Dec 2021 10:05-10:20 am PHT (GMT +8) Opening Remarks Bruno Carrasco (Director General, Sustainable Development & Climate Change Department, ADB) | Patricia Zurita (CEO, BirdLife International) | Robb Kaler (Chair, East Asian-Australasian Flyway Partnership)
06 Dec 2021 10:20-10:30 am PHT (GMT +8) From Knowledge to Action: Our Shared Learning Goals Facilitators
06 Dec 2021 10:30-10:40 am PHT (GMT +8) Greening the Way to Our Shared Future: ADB Support to Nature-based Solutions
Loss of nature is not only an environmental issue, but a developmental, economic, health, and social issue.Investing in nature leads to significant co...
Suzanne Robertson
06 Dec 2021 10:40-10:55 am PHT (GMT +8) Evidence-based conservation through the world’s largest partnership for birds, nature and people
BirdLife International, as the world’s largest partnership for birds, nature and people, recognizes that conservationwork should always benefit both nature...
Vinayagan Dharmarajah
06 Dec 2021 10:55-11:10 am PHT (GMT +8) Partnership for Migratory Birds: Engaging Governments through the East Asian-Australasian Flyway Partnership (EAAFP)
The EAAF Partnership provides a flyway wide framework to promote dialogue, cooperation and collaboration between and among a range of stakeholders. Through...
Doug Watkins
06 Dec 2021 11:10-11:30 am PHT (GMT +8) Zeroing-in on Sustainable Wetland Management: Challenges and Prospects (the Regional Flyway Initiative)
To address the continuing decline of wetlands particularly in the East Asian-Australasian Flyway (EAAF), the Asian Development Bank, with partners BirdLife...
Duncan Lang
06 Dec 2021 11:30-12:00 nn PHT (GMT +8) Evidence-based action (Part 1): The Conservation Status of Migratory Waterbirds in the EAAF
The declining waterbird population is a clear indication of the extent of damage that nature is experiencing. Conservation and restoration of internationally...
Taej Mundkur
06 Dec 2021 12:00-12:10 pm PHT (GMT +8) Q&A 1 (Sponsor: Black-faced spoonbill) Facilitators
06 Dec 2021 12:10-12:15 pm PHT (GMT +8) Key Takeaways Facilitators
06 Dec 2021 12:15-1:00 pm PHT (GMT +8) *** LUNCH BREAK *** RFI and Wetland Conservation (in Videos)
06 Dec 2021 1:00-1:05 pm PHT (GMT +8) Introduction to Session 1 Facilitators
06 Dec 2021 1:05-1:15 pm PHT (GMT +8) Evidence-based action (Part 2): Taking stock of the threats faced by migratory waterbirds and coastal wetlands
Taking off from the presentation of Dr. Taej Mundkur, this highlights the crucial need in addressing the extent of threats and damage to wetlands in the...
Ding Li Yong
06 Dec 2021 1:15-1:30 pm PHT (GMT +8) Communities, Conservation and Coastal Protection in the Inner Gulf of Thailand
Regional and in-country efforts are crucial in ensuring that the EAA flyway and its wetlands continue to be protected and their ecosystem services optimized...
Pattama Domrongphol
06 Dec 2021 1:30-1:40 pm PHT (GMT +8) Q&A 2 (Sponsor: Spotted Greenshank) Facilitators
06 Dec 2021 1:40-1:55 pm One World, One Vision: The RFI and ADB Developing Member Countries' International Commitments, Focusing on the Paris Agreement
Paris Agreement motivates countries to improve their Nationally Determined Contributions. There is now observed shift in thinking and decision-making, ...
Kate Hughes
06 Dec 2021 1:55-2:10 pm PHT (GMT +8) How the RFI Can Help Ramsar Convention Contracting Parties to Fulfill their Commitments and Address Development Goals Yoo Boem-Sik (Dr) (Senior Advisor for Asia & Oceania, Ramsar Convention Secretariat)
06 Dec 2021 2:10-2:25 pm PHT (GMT +8) Assessing regional capacity needs for wetland conservation and the way forward
Strengths and weakness in capacity for wetland/flyway conservation, and integrating this into conservation actionto ensure the sustainability of initiativeson...
Lenke Balint
06 Dec 2021 2:25-2:40 pm PHT (GMT +8) The Work of the Ramsar Regional Centre-East Asia: Understanding Capacity Gaps and Needs from Wetland Site Managers
Wetlands, of all ecosystems, are arguably under most significant threat, and where degradation is estimated at 85% (IPBES, 2000). One of the most important...
Norman Emmanuel Ramirez
06 Dec 2021 2:40-2:50 pm PHT (GMT +8) Q&A 3 (Sponsor: Spoon-billed Sandpiper) Facilitators
06 Dec 2021 2:50-3:10 pm PHT (GMT +8) TEA BREAK
06 Dec 2021 3:10-3:20 pm PHT (GMT +8) Introduction to Breakout Sessions Facilitators
06 Dec 2021 3:20-4:20 pm Breakout Session 1: Capacity Gaps and Needs for Conservation & Sustainable Management of Wetlands Facilitators
06 Dec 2021 4:20-4:50 pm PHT (GMT +8) Reporting: Breakout Session 1 Outcomes Facilitators
06 Dec 2021 4:50-5:00 pm PHT (GMT +8) Key Takeaways from Day 1 Duncan Lang, ADB | Gary Allport (Dr) (Senior Advisor to the CEO, Birdlife International)
Date Session / Activity Presentation Material Speaker(s)
07 Dec 2021 Video RFI Inception Workshop Day 2
Video recording for RFI webinar Day 2
07 Dec 2021 10:00-10:15 am PHT (GMT +8) Recap of Day 1 and Introduction to Day 2 Facilitator
07 Dec 2021 10:15-11:00 am PHT (GMT +8) Blueprint for Sustainable Wetlands Management: Identifying Key Wetlands in China and Development Management Plans Jianbin Shi (Advisor and Director of Conservation Program, Wetlands Paulson Institute)
07 Dec 2021 11:00-11:20 am PHT (GMT +8) Framework Development: Key Considerations in Site Selection
Site-based projects are key to the survival of migratory waterbirds and other species in flyways and wetlands. RFI aims to identify 50 priority sites ...
Mike Crosby
07 Dec 2021 11:15-11:25 am PHT (GMT +8) Q&A 4 (Sponsor: Saunders's Gull) Facilitators
07 Dec 2021 11:25-11:50 am PHT (GMT +8) Plenary Discussion Facilitators
07 Dec 2021 11:50-12:00 nn PHT (GMT +8) Key Takeaways from Session 2 Gary Allport (Dr), Birdlife International
07 Dec 2021 12:00-1:00 pm PHT (GMT +8) *** LUNCH BREAK *** Featuring Wetlands and Challenges and Prospects in Asia (in Videos)
07 Dec 2021 1:00-1:10 pm PHT (GMT +8) Introduction to Session 3 Facilitator
07 Dec 2021 1:10-1:40 pm PHT (GMT +8) Loss of Coastal Wetlands in Asia – Tracking the Loss with Spatial Analyses
New earth observation models are now being used to assess risks to coastal ecosystems. The overarching aim is to develop an operational system for monitoring...
Nicholas Murray
07 Dec 2021 1:40-2:10 pm PHT (GMT +8) Measuring the Ecosystem Services Provided by Wetlands – Tools and Case Studies from the Region
The Toolkit for Ecosystem Service Site-based Assessment (TESSA) provides accessible guidance on low-cost methods on how to evaluate the benefits people...
Kelvin Peh
07 Dec 2021 2:10-2:20 pm PHT (GMT +8) Q&A 5 (Sponsor: Red-crowned crane) Facilitators
07 Dec 2021 2:20-2:30 pm PHT (GMT +8) Introduction to Breakout Session 2 Facilitator
07 Dec 2021 2:30-3:30 pm PHT (GMT +8) Breakout Session 2 - From Science to Solutions: Ecosystem Services and Wetlands Initiatives Facilitators
07 Dec 2021 3:30-3:45 pm PHT (GMT +8) *** TEA BREAK ***
07 Dec 2021 3:45-4:05 pm PHT (GMT +8) Best practices in financing nature: Insights from the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (CEPF)
At the heart of RFI is the need to develop a funding mechanism where projects may be implemented sustainably. The lessons learned from CEPF and other ...
Patricia Zurita
07 Dec 2021 4:05-4:15 pm PHT (GMT +8) Q&A 6 (Sponsor: Chinese Egret) Facilitators
07 Dec 2021 4:15-4:45 pm PHT (GMT +8) Reporting: Breakout Session 2 Outcomes Facilitators
07 Dec 2021 4:45-5:00 pm PHT (GMT +8) Next Steps in the Development of the Regional Flyway Initiative Duncan Lang, ADB
07 Dec 2021 5:00-5:10 pm PHT (GMT +8) Closing Remarks Qingfeng Zhang (Chief, Rural Development & Food Security [Agriculture] Thematic Group & OIC-Chief, Environment Thematic Group, ADB) | Nick Davidson (Chair, Tech. Sub-com., EAAFP & former Ramsar Conv. Secretariat Dep. Sec. Gen. | Vinayagan Dharmarajah, BLI


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