Meaningful  Youth  Engagement  for Inclusive  Recovery


Meaningful  Youth  Engagement  for Inclusive  Recovery

05 May 2021

Plan International, AIESEC, and ADB’s Youth for Asia initiative discussed what meaningful youth engagement is all about, and how stakeholders can work with young people to promote an inclusive, resilient, and sustainable recovery from COVID-19. Bringing together theoretical and practical perspectives, the session featured a keynote address from a government stakeholder on how to effectively engage young people during the decision-making process. A mixed intergenerational panel discussed meaningful youth engagement in practice. A call for papers was launched on developing knowledge that will aid public and private development practitioners in building accessible and scalable models for such engagement.

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This session was part of ADB's 54th Annual Meeting Civil Society Program (CSP) program. 

Program and Learning Materials: 
Date Session / Activity Presentation Material Speaker(s)
05 May 2021 Statement by Panelist 1 Deep Dive into the Framework of Meaningful Youth Engagement
Presentation of ADB Youth for Asia Meaningful Youth Engagement Framework
Iris Caluag
05 May 2021 Statement by Panelist 2 Meaningful Youth Engagement and Youth Economic Empowerment
Presentation of opportunities to engage with leadership and key stakeholders
Eva Dutary
05 May 2021 Statement by Panelist 3 Meaningful Youth Engagement, Environmental SDGs and a Green Recovery
Presentation of youth-led approaches for sustainable Bagmati River Basin
Sweta Dixit
05 May 2021 Statement of Panelist 4 Meaningful Youth Engagement in ADB Operations
Presentation on how ADB YfA mobilizes local youth in project design, implementation and monitoring
Ramesh Subramaniam
05 May 2021 ADB Youth for Asia MYE Video ADB Youth for Asia MYE Video
Youth involvement in ADB’s development projects, inviting young people to be part of YfA activities, and launching a call for papers on MYE
Christopher Morris
05 May 2021 Graphic Recording Meaningful  Youth  Engagement  for Inclusive  Recovery
Highlights of the session


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