Communications Capacity Building Program for Developing Member Countries’ Communications Offices

27 August 2019 to 29 August 2019

The program seeks to strengthen the capacity of government communicators, especially in planning and finance ministries, working in ADB’s developing member countries (DMC).

The program will draw upon the shared experiences of government communicators, external media and communications experts, and ADB communications staff to provide insights and learnings of best practices in communications that can be practically applied to government agencies to help them navigate the increasing demands from stakeholders and the public for transparency and accountability.

Participants will examine and discuss the use of various communication platforms (traditional media, social media, websites) and tools to implement and execute communications strategies and plans, and constructively engage with stakeholders and the public on government policy, programs, and projects.

Using ADB’s knowledge services* as a case study, the program will also focus on effective models and methods for knowledge dissemination and content strategies, as well as web and social media strategies, that can help to build trust and create an environment for dialogue, engagement, and openness, as well as the application, generation and sharing of development knowledge within countries and within the region.


*Knowledge services include ADB websites such as and its Business Center, Asian Development Blogs, ADB Data Library, Development Asia, and its ADB Knowledge Events subpage.

Program and Learning Materials: 
Date Session / Activity Presentation Material Speaker(s)
27 Aug 2019 Welcome Remarks Welcome Remarks - Communications Capacity Building Program for Developing Member Countries’ Communications Offices
There is the twenty-four hour news cycle. There is the power and speed of the internet, there is of course social media, and there is the instantaneous...
Vicky C.L. Tan
27 Aug 2019 Program Overview and Introductions Young Uck Kang
27 Aug 2019 Session 1 Communicating for Development in the Modern Media Landscape
The rapid growth of the internet as a mass medium of information and communication exchange has presented an opportunity for governments and...
David Kruger, Andrew Perrin
27 Aug 2019 Session 2 Building Public Support for Government Development Initiatives (Part 1): Case Study from the Republic of Korea
Engaging with stakeholders and building consensus for government policy, programs or projects is a critical role for government communicators...
Young Uck Kang
27 Aug 2019 Session 3 Building Public Support for Government Development Initiatives (Part 2): Case Study from Pakistan
This session looks into a recent case of an ADB urban transport project in Pakistan that attracted a lot of attention in traditional and social...
Andrew Perrin
27 Aug 2019 Session 4 Working with International Media
Government communicators are often familiar and comfortable working with local media and making them an important part of a media strategy. ...
Andrew Perrin, Kay Johnson, Shawn Crispin, Dominic Faulder, Peter Janssen
Date Session / Activity Presentation Material Speaker(s)
28 Aug 2019 Session 5 Digital by Default
“Digital by default” is the assumption that information will be made publicly available in the interest of transparency, in contrast to...
Christopher Charleson
28 Aug 2019 Session 6 Social Media: Opportunities and Challenges
Increasingly, there is a shift in communications approaches among governments and development organizations as they look to move away from the...
Andrew Perrin
28 Aug 2019 Session 7 Building Your Brand in the Digital Age
In a crowded, noisy marketplace, it’s vital to streamline communications to establish a strong identity and message. In this session, Francesca...
Francesca Ayala
28 Aug 2019 Session 8 Learning from Each Other
In this session, participants will have the opportunity to make a short 5-10 minute presentation to describe their work and share examples of...
Vicky C.L. Tan, David Kruger
Date Session / Activity Presentation Material Speaker(s)
29 Aug 2019 Session 9 Conversations on Effective Communications with Mr. Jason Chung (Alternate Executive Director for United States, ADB) Jason Chung
29 Aug 2019 Session 10 Using Open Knowledge to Improve Development Outcomes
Many developing countries face gaps between their current reality and preferred future. Access to development knowledge is critical to overcome...
Young Uck Kang, Michaela Conine
29 Aug 2019 Session 10 Team Exercise: Connecting with Development Experts Michaela Conine (Moderator)
29 Aug 2019 Session 11 Contributing to Development Asia
Development Asia is the ADB’s knowledge collaboration platform for sharing development experience and expertise, best practice, and technology...
Young Uck Kang
29 Aug 2019 Closing Remarks Vicky Tan


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