2021 International Climate Change Conference: A Just and Affordable Transition toward Net Zero

Online via Zoom, 10:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m., Manila time (GMT+8)


Powering a Learning Society During an Age of Disruption - Book Launch

Series: ADB Sustainable Food Webinar Series

Digital Agriculture in Asia and the Pacific: Strategies for Donor Impact


Republic of Korea-ADB Urban Development Forum: Applications of Smart Technologies


Distance Learning Reach and Effectiveness in South Asia during School Closures


ADB and UNICEF shared their research findings on the reach and effectiveness of distance learning (including high, low & no tech) in South Asia.

Series: Pacific WASH Webinars

A Closer Look at Chlorination


Chlorination has been used as a method of disinfecting drinking water for over 100 years and remains one of the most widely used technologies throughout the world. There are a wide range of considerations for water system operators to ensure that chlorination is both safe and effective.  

The ‘Closer Look at Chlorination’ workshop covered topics such as:  

Series: ADB Distinguished Speakers Program Series

ADB Distinguished Speaker Program—Edward Glaeser

Cities have the potential to play a fundamental role in bringing entrepreneurs and workers together, creating new and better jobs, and driving economic growth.


Knowledge Product Launch: Leveraging Data for Urban Design and Planning in Post-COVID Cities



Webinar on Digital Platforms and Cambodia’s Post-Covid-19 Economic Recovery


ADB recently published a flagship report titled Asia Economic Integration Report 2021: Making Digital Platforms Work for Asia and the Pacific. The report looks at how regional economies can recover from COVID-19 by leveraging new technologies such as digital platforms and increasing services trade to reconnect and recover.