Digitalization and Credit Scoring for Women SMES Webinar Series

The webinar series, "Digitalization and Credit Scoring for Women SMEs," aimed to provide practical knowledge on gender, alternative data, and insights on credit scoring for financial institutions, with discussants Dean Caire, a credit scoring specialist, and Steven Landman, a fintech expert. The first installment in December 2021 explored the basics of credit scoring, while the second in January tackled the technical challenges.

Series: Asian Impact: ADB Research in Action

Making Big Data Work for Economic Assessment

Big data offers unprecedented advantages for monitoring economic trends in real-time and assessing the socioeconomic impact of major events.

The webinar explored different types of innovative data sources and tools, and discuss how Asian economies can improve accessibility, capacity, and sustainability of big data infrastructure for analysis and policymaking.


Transforming Higher Education and Serving Future Learning Societies


Book Launch: Harnessing Digitalization for Sustainable Economic Development: Insights for Asia

This webinar highlighted key takeaways from the new book Harnessing Digitalization for Sustainable Economic Development: Insights for Asia, to be discussed by the coeditors and a panel of contributors to the book. The focus will be on the impact of digitalization on economic performance and trade, particularly in the region.

Series: ADB Data Room: Marine Aquaculture, Reefs, Renewable Energy, and Ecotourism for Ecosystem Services

Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) in Hawaii and Beyond

Richard Argall is an expert in ocean energy and marine renewables works on Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) projects for Makai Ocean Energy Division.


Education Sector Group Presentations

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, technological advances brought by the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) had already disrupted the world of work, leading to the growing demand for new sets of skills and competencies. Consequently, old jobs were being lost, while new jobs were created including new pathways for commercial activities.

Series: 2021 Resilience Learning Month

Use of Geospatial Tools and Analysis for Remote Monitoring of Projects and Building Climate Resilience

USG-UCCRTF organized a session on “Use of geospatial tools and analysis for remote monitoring of projects and building climate resilience” as part of Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction's events under the 2021 Resilience Learning Month.


ADB-BNU Conference on Future Proofing Aged Care