WEBINAR 6: Why We Need to Think Differently about Sanitation

Series: Online ADB Sanitation Dialogue 2021 (ASD 2021)

WEBINAR 6: Why We Need to Think Differently about Sanitation

22 April 2021

Accelerating inclusive sanitation requires the drive and commitment of everyone and the coming together of organizations. It calls for engagement of households and the community, and political leadership. However, many stakeholders are set in their ways and may not be open to change, since they have been conditioned by the practices of the past.

The last webinar of the Online ADB Sanitation Dialogue 2021 will discuss achieving behavioral change in the context of the sanitation crisis. The session will be framed around an overview of overlapping issues, such as the challenge of engaging with unserved communities, persuading households to connect to sanitation systems, applying sanitation technologies to suit local circumstances, and the difficulties of enforcing health standards, among others. Speakers will share lessons from evidence-based experience and present awareness and behavior change campaigns that can shift old habits to new and better practices. Policymakers, planners and designers, consultants, community and political leaders, and service delivery organizations should tune in.

This learning event is part of the Online ADB Sanitation Dialogue 2021. 

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