Internal Brainstorming Workshop for Green City Initiatives


Internal Brainstorming Workshop for Green City Initiatives

07 June 2013

This learning event aimed at exploring innovative and holistic approaches to developing urban projects through incorporating various sector perspectives. Experts from different sectors shared their own strategies and options for building greener cities that bring considerable economic benefits, while at the same time ensuring environmental sustainability.

Program and Learning Materials: 
Date Session / Activity Presentation Material Speaker(s)
07 Jun 2013 Presentation Transport for Green Cities
Thispresentation analyzes the causal relationship between transport and the other sectors. It examines the transport trends in Asia and the Pacific, and...
07 Jun 2013 Presentation Improve Green Buildings via Clean Energy
The presentation discusses the “why” and “how” of using clean energy to improve green buildings. It discusses the demand side of Asian Development Bank...
Aiming Zhou
07 Jun 2013 Presentation Green Cities Initiative: Water and Cross-Cutting Issues
The presentation discusses Asian Development Bank's Urban Operational Plan. The three levels of green city initiatives and the available nexus approaches...
Jingmin Huang
07 Jun 2013 Presentation Strengthening Disaster Resilience in Green Cities
The presentation shares a number of ways on how to embed disaster resilience in green city-related initiatives. It enumerates the benefits of making disaster...
Arghya Sinha Roy
07 Jun 2013 Presentation Public-Private Partnerships and Climate Change for Green Cities
Governments should consider a number of issues related to investment, procurement, and governance when handling infrastructure project proposals that ...
Trevor Lewis, Preety Bhandari


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