Using Marine Renewable Energy for Just Transition to a Regenerative Blue Economy

Series: ADB Data Room: Marine Aquaculture, Reefs, Renewable Energy, and Ecotourism for Ecosystem Services

Using Marine Renewable Energy for Just Transition to a Regenerative Blue Economy

27 January 2022

Humanity is becoming increasingly aware of the challenges to the health of our Oceans. 

Ocean Acidification is being driven by excess carbon saturation as a direct result of unabated fossil fuel use. This is compounded by other pollutants and a collapse in biodiversity. Extractive Industries (fishing and mining) take more than they replace. By capturing excess energy in our oceans to make non-polluting fuels, we can support coastal livelihoods and the natural capital which underpins these communities.

This TA aimed to show how we can enhance ocean health by concentrating investment on four core areas - Marine Aquaculture, Reefs, Renewable Energy, and Ecotourism.

This session looked at pathways regenerating our ocean.

Program and Learning Materials: 
Date Session / Activity Presentation Material Speaker(s)
27 Jan 2022 Introduction Welcome and Introduction by Moderator Stephen Peters, Senior Energy Specialist (Waste to Energy), Energy Sector Advisory Group, SDCC
27 Jan 2022 Scene Setter Recorded Remarks
27 Jan 2022 Presentation 1 Ocean Acidification – the threat and its status Kirsten Iseensee, Programme Specialist Ocean Carbon bei Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO
27 Jan 2022 Presentation 2 The New Ocean Economy Rear Admiral Nick Lambert, Founder, Nick Lambert International
27 Jan 2022 Presentation 3 Floating Solar and Use Cases in the Pacific Agostinho Miguel Garcia, Consultant from the Pacific Floating Solar
27 Jan 2022 Panel Discussion Lending opportunities to ADB DMCs and Private Sector Participants to respond to these challenges and opportunities Cindy Cisneros, Tiangco, Principal Energy Specialist, PAEN
Alix Burrell, Principal Investment Specialist, PSIF2
Gary Krishnan, Senior Country Specialist, SERC
27 Jan 2022 Questions and Answers Moderator: Stephen Peters
27 Jan 2022 Closing Remarks


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