Responses to Food Insecurity in Sri Lanka and the Way Forward

Series: ADB Sustainable Food Webinar Series

Responses to Food Insecurity in Sri Lanka and the Way Forward

16 September 2022

Sri Lanka is facing multiple crises. Among them, the one hitting its population where it hurts the most, is food insecurity. As per UN World Food Program’s (WFP) report in July 2022, two in five Sri Lankan households are not consuming adequate diets.

The webinar invited expert speakers from the World Food Programme, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, and Asian Development Bank to share their perspectives on the genesis, evolution, and impacts of the food security crisis in Sri Lanka; appropriate responses, and practical solutions; and potential pathways for promoting climate-resilient agriculture and nature-based solutions to achieve long-term food security. 

Program and Learning Materials: 
Date Session / Activity Presentation Material Speaker(s)
16 Sep 2022 Introduction and Moderation Qingfeng Zhang
16 Sep 2022 Opening Remarks Kenichi Yokoyama, Bruno Carrasco
16 Sep 2022 Keynote Presentation Sri Lanka: Crop and Food Security Assessment Mission
This presentation gives an overview of how FAO and WFP are closely monitoring the food security situation in Sri Lanka. They also shared the recently ...
Susana Moreno, Cristina Coslet, Carlos Estévez Reyes
16 Sep 2022 Presentation United Nations Approach to Sri Lanka’s Crisis
This gives an overview of the United Nations Development Program's perspectives on the food security situation in Sri Lanka, short-term responses from...
Vimlendra Sharan, Abdurrahim Siddiqui
16 Sep 2022 Presentation ADB’s Response to the Sri Lankan Crisis Sanath Ranawana,Sudarshana Jayasundara
16 Sep 2022 Presentation UN’s Approach to the Crisis Hanaa Singer-Hamdy
16 Sep 2022 Open Discussions and Q&A
16 Sep 2022 Closing and Note of Thanks Chen Chen


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