Introduction to Pandemic Planning 

Series: Pacific WASH Webinars

Introduction to Pandemic Planning 

26 November 2020


The Pandemic Response plan is one of many plans that a utility has to develop to ensure that services can be maintained during a disruptive event. The introduction to the Pandemic Planning workshop discussed the emergency planning and management framework and focused specifically on the development and implementation of a Pandemic Response plan for a water utility. Solomon Water provided their plan for use in the workshop as a template for the guidance of PWWA members who are developing their plans now.


This learning event is part of the Pacific WASH webinar series that serves as a regional platform to advance knowledge and learning in utility operations and the broader WASH sector practice. 


Program and Learning Materials: 
Date Session / Activity Presentation Material Speaker(s)
26 Nov 2020 Presentation 1 Business Continuity Planning: Pandemic Planning
This presentation gives an overview on the development and implementation of a pandemic response plan for water utility.
Dean Taylor, Edkarl Galing, Roel Espiritu, Scravin Tongi
26 Nov 2020 Presentation 2 Maynilad: COVID-19 Response
This presentation gives an overview of Maynilad's business continuity plan on COVID-19 response.
Roel Espiritu
26 Nov 2020 Webinar Video 1 Part 1: Introduction to Pandemic Planning 
This video presents an introduction of the Pacific WASH Webinars and speaker Dan Taylor as he shares insights on business continuity plans as part of ...
26 Nov 2020 Webinar Video 2 Part 2: Introduction to Pandemic Planning 
This video presents Maynilad's COVID-19 response and the key elements they have applied.
26 Nov 2020 Webinar Video 3 Part 3: Introduction to Pandemic Planning 
This video presents some of the common elements of utility plans in WASH.
26 Nov 2020 Webinar Video 4 Part 4: Introduction to Pandemic Planning 
This video presents the COVID-19 response template and how to use it.
26 Nov 2020 Template COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Plan
This preparedness and response plan is developed to prepare for the outbreak of COVID-19in the country. The plan will be updated based on advice on...


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