Indonesian Urban Sanitation Group Meeting


Indonesian Urban Sanitation Group Meeting

18 September 2019

The Urban Sanitation Joint Government/Partners Group meeting aimed to share experiences and lessons learned from Indonesia and other countries on approaches to raise awareness, create demand, and change behavior to enhance access to sanitation in Indonesia. 

Below are learning materials as shared during the Urban Sanitation Group meeting held on 18 September at the ADB resident mission in Jakarta.

Program and Learning Materials: 
Date Session / Activity Presentation Material Speaker(s)
17 Sep 2019 Urban Wastewater Management in Indonesia: Key Principles and Issues in Drafting Local Regulations
This publication is intended to serve as a guidance document for local governments in Indonesia to develop their regulations on urban wastewater management...
17 Sep 2019 Rencana Pengelolaan Lumpur Tinja Kota Jambi, 2019
Septage Management Plan for the City of Jambi. Detailed document formally endorsed by the Government of the City.
17 Sep 2019 Final Jambi SMP Preparation Report, 2019
The Report addresses the key activities involved in the preparation of the Septage Management Plan, such as the assessment of the current situation, the...
17 Sep 2019 Surveying for Septage Management Planning, 2019
One of the fundamental vulnerabilities in the urban sanitation value chain is the lack of reliable and accurate data on which to base policy, financing...
17 Sep 2019 Comprehensive Septage Management Planning in Indonesia: A Case Study in the City of Jambi, 2019
This document is provided as an aid to help develop comprehensive septage management plans in Indonesian cities and regencies (kota or kabupaten). Therefore...
17 Sep 2019 Final Report International Study Visit for PT Kogas Driyap Konsultan (Metropolitan Sanitation Management Investment Project), Indah Water Konsortium Sdn. Bhd.
A study tour program to Malaysia for high and medium level local government officials from Pekanbaru, Jambi, Palembang and Makassar, organized by Indah...
Date Session / Activity Presentation Material Speaker(s)
18 Sep 2019 Update on Government Activities
18 Sep 2019 Update on Donor Activities
18 Sep 2019 Presentation Urban Sanitation Activities in Indonesia
Ann Thomas of UNICEF Indonesia shares how they addressurban sanitation while consideringcrosscutting issues, such as gender, urban area improvement, environmental...
Ann Thomas
18 Sep 2019 Presentation Metropolitan Sanitation Management Investment Project
The Metropolitan Sanitation Management Investment Project (MSMIP) supports the Government of Indonesia to improve urban wastewater services in the cities...
Asri Indiyani
18 Sep 2019 Presentation Minimum Services Standard for Domestic Wastewater
The quality of Domestic Wastewater Minimum Services Standard covers the quantity and quality of services based on norms and standards.
18 Sep 2019 Presentation Proposed Fecal Sludge Management 6 Bappenas, IUWASH Plus, and UNICEF
18 Sep 2019 Closing Roundtable


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