Hydro Mini-Grids in the Asia-Pacific: Scaling Inclusive Enterprise-Based Approaches


Hydro Mini-Grids in the Asia-Pacific: Scaling Inclusive Enterprise-Based Approaches

17 June 2019

An Asia Clean Energy Forum (ACEF) 2019 Deep Dive Workshop

In recent years, there has been a transition to innovative ownership, management and financing models for renewable energy mini-grid development – where the income generated has been sufficient to ensure the financial viability and sustainable operations of small-scale hydro projects. The success has been achieved by a variety of enterprise-based models most appropriate for the local context, including among others, cooperatives and community-private partnerships. These approaches show evidence of improved bankability of MHP systems, with greater social and gender inclusion at the same time.

This session discussed prospects for scaling, replicating and financing such proven enterprise-based approaches to small-scale hydropower in the Asia-Pacific region, and provided development partners and professionals (both experts and generalists) an opportunity to understand recent innovative approaches to sustainable small-scale hydropower, in terms of economic viability and social impact. The session also featured key experts who have enabled enterprise-based hydro mini-grids in the Asia-Pacific region, drawn from a cross-section of government, private sector, NGOs, civil society and financiers.

Program and Learning Materials: 
Date Session / Activity Presentation Material Speaker(s)
17 Jun 2019 Welcome and Overview Hydro Mini-Grids in the Asia Pacific: Scaling Inclusive Enterprise-Based Approaches
This presentation gave an overview of what to expect during the workshop. It also provided an overview of the work of the Hydro Empowerment Network in...
Dipti Vaghela
17 Jun 2019 Panel 1: Enterprise-based Hydro Mini-Grids in the Asia-Pacific -- Examples and Opportunities Nepal: Empowering Communities to Transition to Financially Viable Micro Hydro
This presentation discussed the status of Micro Hydro Power (MHP) in Nepal, and outlined two models of inclusive enterprise-based MHPs: a cooperative ...
Satish Gautam
17 Jun 2019 Panel 1: Enterprise-based Hydro Mini-Grids in the Asia-Pacific -- Examples and Opportunities Nepal: Scaling-up the Barpak Micro Hydro Model
This presentation discussed the energy situation in Barpak, Nepal before the Barpak Micro Hydro Projectand share experiences, productive end-use strategies...
Bir Bahadur Ghale
17 Jun 2019 WISIONS Initiative for Decentralized Renewable Energy WISIONS Initiative for Decentralised Sustainable Energy
This presentation discussed the mission and focus ofWISIONS of Sustainability, an initiative of the Wuppertal Institute. It also outlined its approach...
Carmen Dienst
17 Jun 2019 Panel 2: National Programs to Scale-up Enterprise-based Hydro Mini-Grids Philippines: Grid-Interconnected, Enterprise-based Micro Hydro in Mindanao
This presentation discussed the Rural Community-Based Renewable Energy Development in Mindanao Project, an ADB technical assistance project that hopes...
Ernesto Silvano, Jr.


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