Bir Bahadur Ghale

, Hydro Energy Concern
Profile / Bio: 

Bir Bahadur Ghale has more than 25 years of experience in the micro/mini hydropower sector. He has also been awarded the Ashoka Fellowship (given to those who have excelled in Social Entrepreneurship). As a micro-hydro entrepreneur, he started his first Micro Hydropower (MHP) plant in Barpak (Gorkha) which generated 130kW of electricity. After his first project in Barpak, he started promoting awareness and social benefits of hydropower systems and so far, his contribution has electrified more than 4000 households. He also established the Hydro Energy Concern Pvt. Ltd. (HEC) in 1995 with an aim to contribute towards the private sector capacity in micro, mini and small hydropower projects. HEC believes that the economic and social development, as well as the low environmental impact related to MHP, represent the three inseparable pillars of sustainable development of Nepal, confirming that MHP can serve as an energy source for sustainable development.