Fighting for Food Security: Lessons from Cross-Country Approaches

Series: ADB Sustainable Food Webinar Series

Fighting for Food Security: Lessons from Cross-Country Approaches

10 August 2022

Progress towards achieving food security in many countries, particularly countries in Asia depending on food imports and remittances, had already slowed down and reversed in many cases due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It is notable that the impact of the pandemic was more pronounced in many developing member countries of ADB because of the pre-existing challenges of their agriculture structure - climate change crisis, inefficient market and supply infrastructure, aging agricultural labor force, and declining agricultural resources. These effects have been compounded by the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

This session under the #ADBSustainableFood Webinar Series aims to discuss the increasing risks and challenges to food systems, how policy can contribute to addressing these, and offers knowledge and experience sharing of how countries were able to cope and implement initiatives toward resilience. The session was co-organized with the PRC Poverty Reduction and Regional Cooperation Fund through the REG: Green and Resilient Rural Recovery through Agri-Food System Transformation in the Asia and Pacific Region.


Program and Learning Materials: 
Date Session / Activity Presentation Material Speaker(s)
10 Aug 2022 Opening Introduction Qingfeng Zhang
10 Aug 2022 Opening Opening Remarks
ADB has moved quickly, joining other international financing institutions (IFIs) in formulating a collaborative action plan to address food insecurity...
Bruno Carrasco
10 Aug 2022 Keynote Presentation Food Security Challenges and Building Resilient Food Systems in China
This presentation gives an overview of the increasing risks and coincidences of risks to food systems.
Kevin Chen
10 Aug 2022 Country Presentation Evolving Challenges of Food Security and Imperatives for Actions: India Ashok Gulati
10 Aug 2022 Country Presentation Food Security in Indonesia: Challenges and Policy Responses
This presentation gives an overview of short- and long-term policy responses to food security in India.
Tahlim Sudaryanto
10 Aug 2022 Open Discussions and Q&A Fighting for Food Security in People's Republic of China: Lessons from Cross-Country Approaches
Weihua Liu
10 Aug 2022 Open Discussions and Q&A The Philippine Experience
Fermin Adriano
10 Aug 2022 Open Discussions and Q&A Asian Development Bank Noor Ahmed
10 Aug 2022 Open Discussions and Q&A World Food Programme Anthea Webb
10 Aug 2022 Closing Remarks Qingfeng Zhang


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