A Closer Look at Water Quality for Public Health

Series: Pacific WASH Webinars

A Closer Look at Water Quality for Public Health

26 May 2021


Water quality is closely linked to public health outcomes. The reduction in illness from improved water quality leads to improved social and economic outcomes in communities. Unfortunately, water-related diseases still account for a significant proportion of deaths in developing countries. 

This workshop covered the following topics: 

  • the link between water quality and disease based on health data 
  • discussion of different strategies for water quality improvement
  • a practical session on treatment and disinfection based on raw water quality data; and, 
  • consideration of the social and community acceptance of water treatment. 

After the webinar, there was an open discussion with Pacific utilities on their challenges to improve water quality. 


This learning event is part of the Pacific WASH webinar series that serves as a regional platform to advance knowledge and learning in utility operations and the broader WASH sector practice. 

Program and Learning Materials: 
Date Session / Activity Presentation Material Speaker(s)
26 May 2021 Presentation A Closer Look at Water Quality for Public Health
This presentation gives an overview of the link between water quality and diseases based on health data and the different strategies for water quality...
Lisa Procter, Peter Greenhalgh, Clara Laydon


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