A Closer Look at Chlorination

Series: Pacific WASH Webinars

A Closer Look at Chlorination

30 June 2021


Chlorination has been used as a method of disinfecting drinking water for over 100 years and remains one of the most widely used technologies throughout the world. There are a wide range of considerations for water system operators to ensure that chlorination is both safe and effective.  

The ‘Closer Look at Chlorination’ workshop covered topics such as:  

  • Why we chlorinate and how chlorine helps to protect customers 
  • Understanding the conditions where chlorine will work best 
  • Real-life examples of system risks 
  • Liquid chlorine dosing systems 
  • Gas chlorine dosing systems 
  • Key chemical safety risks and management 
  • Day to day operation of systems and network 
  • Open forum: the importance of chlorination

This learning event was part of the Pacific WASH webinar series that serves as a regional platform to advance knowledge and learning in utility operations and the broader WASH sector practice.

Program and Learning Materials: 
Date Session / Activity Presentation Material Speaker(s)
30 Jun 2021 Presentations A Closer Look at Chlorination
This presentation gives an overview of why we need to disinfect using chlorine. This presentation also listed the various forms of chlorination.
James Young, Peter Greenhalgh, Lisa Procter


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