2nd Asia Pacific Public Electronic Procurement Network Conference


2nd Asia Pacific Public Electronic Procurement Network Conference

10 October 2016 to 11 October 2016

The conference aimed to strengthen the capacity of public procurement agencies in Asia and the Pacific to implement e-procurement solutions based on international best practices and sharing of experiences.


  • Built a network of e-procurement practitioners and peers
  • Identified potential areas of collaboration with e-procurement practitioners through the proposed network
  • Gained new insights and knowledge on e-procurement regulation, new e-GP technologies and applications, management, and reform in the public sector
  • Understood implications of using e-procurement for cross-border trade.
Program and Learning Materials: 
Date Session / Activity Presentation Material Speaker(s)
10 Oct 2016 Opening Session Welcome and Opening Remarks Yangho Chung, Administrator, Public Procurement Service, Republic of Korea
10 Oct 2016 Keynote Address Ramesh Subramaniam Director General, Operations Services and Financial Management Department (OSFMD), Asian Development Bank
10 Oct 2016 Session 1: The Strategic Importance of e-GP in the Region Strategic Importance of e-GP in the Region
Walter Poick
10 Oct 2016 Session 2: Procurement and Spend Analytics for Policy Making Government Procurement Spend Analytics for policy making
Swayamsiddha Mohanty
10 Oct 2016 Session 3: e-GP Data Confidentiality, Public disclosure requirements and Data sharing Data Openness of Korea e-Procurement
Donghyun Kim
10 Oct 2016 Electronic System for Government Procurement in the Kyrgyz Republic
Albek Shaibyldaev
10 Oct 2016 Public Sector Procurement in Rajasthan
Suneel Chhabra
10 Oct 2016 e-Procurement and e-Reverse Auction at Powergrid Journey and Learning
Rajiv Kumar Rohilla
10 Oct 2016 Session 4: System Development and Expansions e-Evaluation of KONEPS
Chan-mo Choi
10 Oct 2016 Indonesia Procurement System; Enhancement of e-Procurement
Gatot Pambudhi Putranto
10 Oct 2016 Session 5: Strategic Partnership Considerations and Key Business Modalities in Scaling up Use of e-GP Strategic Approach to Scale Up Use of e-­GP: The Philippine Story
Dennis Santiago
10 Oct 2016 Integrated Approach to Digital Government
Seok-Yong Yoon
10 Oct 2016 Strategic Considerations and Business Modalities in the use of e-GP
Joseph Fagan
Date Session / Activity Presentation Material Speaker(s)
11 Oct 2016 Session 6: Update on Progress and Key Accomplishments of e-GP Initiatives and Software-a-a-Service Pilot Cook Islands Government, Ministry of Finance and Economic Management: Software as a Service Experience
Russell Hynd
11 Oct 2016 Government of Tuvalu: Procurement Presentation
Amalinda Satupa Tala
11 Oct 2016 e-Procurement Solution: in-tend Ltd.
Luke Snelling
11 Oct 2016 Session 7: Cross-regional Learning: Cases in Caribbean and Latin American Countries Public Procurement networks in Latin America and the Caribbean
Leslie Harper
11 Oct 2016 Interamerican Network on Government Procurement
Trinidad Inostroza
11 Oct 2016 Session 8: System Expansion and Integration within In-country Organizations and Between Governments The WTO agreement on GP and the eGPA
Philippe Pelletier
11 Oct 2016 Session 9: Next Steps Moderator: Galiya Ismakova , Principal Procurement Specialist, ADB
11 Oct 2016 Closing Session Closing Remarks Walter Poick Director, Procurement Division 2, OSFMD, Asian Development Bank


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