SERD Policy Talk (SPOT): Strengthening the Agri-food System

Event: SERD Policy Talk (SPOT) Series

SERD Policy Talk (SPOT): Strengthening the Agri-food System

10 June 2022
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Jennifer Kim Rosenzweig, World Food Programme (WFP) Indonesia - Other materials by the author
Omer A. Zafar, ADB - Other materials by the author
Takashi Yamano, ADB - Other materials by the author

In the 10th SPOT webinar, Omer Zafar, Takashi Yamano, and Noorullah from the Asian Development Bank (ADB), Dil Rahut from the ADB Institute, and Jennifer Rosenzweig from Indonesia’s World Food Programme shared their views on factors that threaten the agriculture food system in Southeast Asia. They discussed cyclical factors and structural challenges shaping the global food system, including the effects of high food prices on nutrition and access to affordable diets, and the impact of climate change and other shocks on productivity and food production.

To address these challenges, the panelists underscored the importance of investing in climate mitigation and adaptation strategies, building and developing better disaster preparedness and response systems, and adopting more innovation and evidence-based interventions. They also highlighted ADB’s support to improve an enabling environment and policy eco-system at the country level and upgrading agricultural value chains and promoting nutrition-sensitive agriculture.

The event was attended by over 100 ADB staff and external participants with Cristina Lozano from the ADB moderating the panel discussion.





SERD Policy Talk (SPOT) Series, organized by ADB's Southeast Asia Department, features conversations on new ideas and development beyond office walls. SPOT aims to inspire people to explore issues outside their normal area of work.

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Learning Event


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