Scene Setter for Blue Foods

Event: Healthy Oceans Tech and Finance Forum: Innovative Solutions for Asia and the Pacific

Scene Setter for Blue Foods

26 January 2022
Author / Speaker: 
Jim Leape, Center for Ocean Solutions - Other materials by the author

Blue Foods. Edible aquatic animals, plants, and algae captured or cultivated in freshwater and marine ecosystems – play a central role in food and nutrition security for billions of people; they are a cornerstone of the livelihoods, economies, and cultures of many coastal and inland communities within Asia and the Pacific1. Consumption of blue foods has doubled in the last 50 years driving market demand, with ecosystem changes and unsustainable fishing and aquaculture practices depleting the ocean and inland waters of fish and other aquatic food species. Yet there are ways to build the sustainability of blue food systems and their contribution to climate-resilient and healthy food systems, economies, and communities, and therein lies a great opportunity for the Asia-Pacific region. The Blue Food thematic track aimed to explore this opportunity, through (i) identifying best practices from within the region in sustainable aquaculture and fisheries, highlighting the multiple co-benefits from well-governed and managed fisheries and aquaculture; and (ii) showcasing practical case studies of how science and technology can enhance environmental sustainability, productive and profitable enterprise, gender equality and resilience of communities to climate change and pandemic recovery. 

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Learning Event


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