[VIDEO] Beyond the Statistics: Finding the ‘Real Story’ Behind Gender Data—Kontinentalist

Event: 2021 ADB Asia and the Pacific Virtual Gender Forum l The Power to Transform: Gender Equality in Asia and the Pacific

[VIDEO] Beyond the Statistics: Finding the ‘Real Story’ Behind Gender Data—Kontinentalist

23 November 2021
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Zafirah Zein, Kontinentalist - Other materials by the author
Bianchi Dy, Singapore University of Technology and Design - Other materials by the author

When we see the world through data, who does the counting and who matters? How do we present data in a compelling way to diverse audiences? Too often, gender is neglected in data collection and data-driven decision-making. In this session, presenters will walk through the importance of collecting sex-disaggregated data and cultural context, issues of data access, and biases in data collection methods. Through examples, we’ll show how adopting a gender lens to data work makes progress in gender equity and justice, and consider how we can better use and present data in compelling ways.


Bianchi is an urban scientist and artist trained in environmental engineering, with a passion for scientific communication and context-sensitive data storytelling. She collaborates with writers on collecting data and designing data visualizations, and turns data sketches into code.

Zafirah is a freelance writer, journalist, and co-editor of AKAR, an independent magazine. She writes data-driven stories with an Asian angle, along with client projects, for Kontinentalist.


Link: https://kontinentalist.com/

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