Bianchi Dy

Research Assistant
, Singapore University of Technology and Design
Profile / Bio: 

Bianca is currently a research assistant on the project 'Improving Design Decisions Through Data Visualisations' at SUTD. As Research Assistant, she looks at how data visualisation can help support decision-making in design fields like architecture and urban planning through empirical methods.

She was previously the front-end developer for the Sortal Grammar Library, a framework for developing geometric languages and for parametric design in urban planning and architecture, as well as the SortalGI plug-in for Grasshopper, which allows users to implement shape grammars (both geometry and descriptions) within the Rhinoceros CAD environment.

Her current professional and research interests tend towards the development of computational tools for urban planning and architectural purposes. Broadly speaking, she is interested in urban data science – the possibilities and limitations of using technology and data to help people better understand the workings of cities, and how this can improve processes in urban planning and design. 
She also loves drawing people and urban environments.