WCTRS COVID-19 Task Force: Aims, Action Plans, and Preliminary Recommendations

Event: ADBI-WCTRS Webinar Two on High-Speed Rail: Transportation Services During Pandemics: Reforming Transport and Living Work Systems for Resiliency and Quality of Life

WCTRS COVID-19 Task Force: Aims, Action Plans, and Preliminary Recommendations

12 June 2020
Author / Speaker: 
Yoshitsugu Hayashi, Chubu University
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The World Conference on Transport Research Society (WCTRS) established a Task Force to investigate the impacts of COVID-19 and support emergent policy decisions on ways to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. This Task Force also aim to maintain supply chains for the survival of industries and lifelines for citizens’ daily life and record what’s happening into history. This talk covered diverse risks in transport, including rapid spread of virus via transport, risks in using transport modes and facilities for both users and operational staff, economic and social risks caused by virus, and risks related to developing countries. Further, this talk illustrated the action plans, including evidence collection, evaluation of the effects of the during-pandemic measures, clarifying key policymaking issues and principles, etc. The current tasks and progress of the Task Force was also reported along with the reccomendations for major policy messages i.e., six policy recommendations (including key policymaking principles), ten measures & actions.

Geographical Focus: 
Regional - Asia
Type of Content: 
Learning Event


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