Workshop on Bond Market Development in Emerging East Asia


Workshop on Bond Market Development in Emerging East Asia

17 August 2016 to 18 August 2016

The Asian Develoment Bank, through its Economic Research and Regional Cooperation Department – Macroeconomics Research Division, and the Ministry of Economy and Finance of Cambodia coducted a workshop on Bond Market Development in Emerging Asia in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The workshop covered topics such as types and risks of bonds, credit ratings, derivatives for risk hedging, fixed income valuation, and selected thematic issues. About 45 public sector representatives attended the said workshop. 

Program and Learning Materials: 
Date Session / Activity Presentation Material Speaker(s)
17 Aug 2016 Welcome Remarks Jan Hansen
17 Aug 2016 Opening Remarks H.E. HEM Vanndy
17 Aug 2016 Introduction to the Course Donghyun Park
17 Aug 2016 Introduction to AsianBondsOnline and Basic Characteristics and Risks of Bonds
East Asian governments have launched regional initiatives to promote financial cooperation and stability. This presentation introduces AsianBondsOnline...
Angelo Taningco
17 Aug 2016 Types of Bonds, Credit Ratings, and Functioning of Bond Market
This presentation enumerates the different types of bonds, explains credit ratings, and describes how the bond market works. It also gives an overview...
Angelica Andrea Cruz
17 Aug 2016 Fixed Income Valuation
This presentation gives an overview on how to do valuation of an asset, particularly fixed income. It also explains the discounted cash flow valuation...
Russ Jason Lo
17 Aug 2016 Derivatives and Risk Hedging
A derivative refers to a financial agreement or contract between two parties in which its value is derived from an undelying asset or index. It has uses...
Russ Jason Lo
17 Aug 2016 Thematic Issues in Emerging East Asian Bond Markets
Bond yields in emerging Asia are driven by both domestic fundamentals and global factors. This presentation particularly looks into the relevant issues...
Angelo Taningco, Gemma Esther Estrada
17 Aug 2016 Open Forum
Date Session / Activity Presentation Material Speaker(s)
18 Aug 2016 Developing Asia's Short-Run Economic Outlook and Main Risks
This presentation gives a snapshot of Asia’s economic growth and lists down the main risks that economies should be cautious about. It notes that while...
Donghyun Park
18 Aug 2016 Global Impact of China's Growth Slowdown and Structural Change
The economy of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) has slowed down based on current available data. While the slowdown is expected, the growth rate seems...
Donghyun Park
18 Aug 2016 Open Forum
18 Aug 2016 Overall Public Debt Management in Cambodia CHHUN Virakvathana
18 Aug 2016 The Development of Government Bond Market in Cambodia
Cambodia has shown a robust economic growth for the past decade, around 7.5% real growth. In order to maintain this growth, Cambodia needs to strengthen...
Samedy Yok
18 Aug 2016 Open Forum
18 Aug 2016 Closing Remarks Donghyun Park and H.E. PEN Thirong


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