WEBINAR 4: Sex, Sanctity, and Sanitation for All

Series: Online ADB Sanitation Dialogue 2021 (ASD 2021)

WEBINAR 4: Sex, Sanctity, and Sanitation for All

19 April 2021


The focus of citywide inclusive sanitation (CWIS) on equity and inclusion requires more than a business-as-usual approach to sanitation. Having gender equality and social inclusion means that the project is designed to benefit everyone in a project area. This include groups that are often left out, such as women, children, poor and vulnerable people, ethnic minorities, people with disabilities, hard-to-reach populations, and transient or displaced people.

Exclusion and inequality come at a high cost. Without the equal participation of all people, society has less of an opportunity to reach its full potential, in terms of its economy, public health, governance, and cohesion. The marginalization of any group from access to safe sanitation exposes everyone in the area to feces-related diseases, which might reduce quality of life.

Inclusive sanitation results in successful project outcomes through higher sanitation coverage, delivery of basic human rights, improvement of human health, environmental protection, and increased economic prosperity.

How can inclusive sanitation mindset be mainstreamed? This session will explain how CWIS promotes and strengthens equity and inclusion using case studies and tested solutions.


This learning event is part of the Online ADB Sanitation Dialogue 2021. 

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