Water Tariffs in the Pacific: A Current Snapshot of Issues

Series: Pacific WASH Webinars

Water Tariffs in the Pacific: A Current Snapshot of Issues

28 February 2024

Water utilities provide services to most households in urban areas across the Pacific region (excluding Papua New Guinea). The regulation of water supply and sanitation services can take a variety of forms and the diversity of Pacific Island Country geographies, histories, cultures, and economies has resulted in a range of approaches to the provision of water services, including regulation and tariff setting.

The Pacific Water and Wastewater Association’s benchmarking of Pacific utilities shows water pricing varies significantly across member utilities, from having no tariffs or very low tariffs (less than 1 USD per m3) to very high tariffs (over USD100 per m3). Tariff setting requires regulatory authorities and governments to balance between the provision of water to meet basic needs, while at the same time ensuring adequate cost recovery of service providers to ensure sustainable operations. Targeted pro-poor tariffs are often needed to ensure that vulnerable groups receive basic services. As urban populations grow, water financing arrangements must also account for future infrastructure needs and asset replacement, including measures to build resilience to climate change.

The Asian Development Bank and Pacific Water and Wastewater Association organized a panel discussion with water regulation and tariff specialists from Fiji and the Federated States of Micronesia to discuss water tariff structures, how these are set, and how regulators work with governments and utilities to ensure adequate access to water and sanitation services for all. The webinar session also explored the challenges and opportunities that affect water utilities’ business viability, and the design of pro-poor tariffs.  


Seymour Singh, Chief Strategic and Information Officer, Water Authority of Fiji

Joel Abraham, Chief Executive Officer, Fijian Competition and Consumer Commission

Kavneel Prasad, Chief Financial Officer, the Water Authority of Fiji

Kasio ‘Kembo’ Mida Jr., Chief Executive Officer, Chuuk Public Utility Corporation, FSM


Bronwyn Powell, WASH Advisor and Team Leader, Pacific WASH TA 6551

Program and Learning Materials: 
Date Session / Activity Presentation Material Speaker(s)
28 Feb 2024 Presentation Water Tariffs in the Pacific: A Current Snapshot of Issues
This presentation gives an overview of Water Fiji's projects and area of operations.
Kavneel Prasad


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