Virtual Conference on Transport Infrastructure Development, Spillover Effects, and Quality of Life


Virtual Conference on Transport Infrastructure Development, Spillover Effects, and Quality of Life

18 March 2020

High-quality transport infrastructure development is increasingly important to economic growth and quality of life in Asia and the Pacific.

This conference examined policy papers submitted to ADBI on high-speed rail and other transport infrastructure projects and their spillover effects on the economy, environment, society, and quality of life. The focus was on the introduction of measures to boost project planning, implementation, and operations, as well as replicate the results in new projects.

The Handbook on High-Speed Rail and Quality of Life was launched in a special session at the conference.

The conference had the following objectives:

  • Share knowledge and experience related to emerging transport infrastructure growth challenges in Asia and the Pacific, with particular attention to high-speed rail projects
  • Explore the impact of transport infrastructure development on quality of life in the region
  • Spotlight innovative ways to enhance and replicate the spillover effects of transport infrastructure growth
Program and Learning Materials: 
Date Session / Activity Presentation Material Speaker(s)
18 Mar 2020 Session 1 Sine Qua Non: High-Speed Rail Forms and Functionalities in Intercity and Urban Areas
Thepaperevaluatesdifferent types of high-speed rail (HSR)nnetwork planning, design, and operationsassociated with theirurban forms. The practitioner-centric...
Eugene Chao
18 Mar 2020 Session 1 Spillover Effect of Mode Shift of Intercity Travel: Does the Introduction of High-Speed Rail Plays a Role
High-speed rail (HSR) infrastructure has experienced a rapid development in many countriesover the past decades. However, to what the extent the development...
Zhenhua Chen
18 Mar 2020 Session 2 Estimating Direct, Indirect, and Induced Employment from Highway Construction in India
Highway construction is a major employment generator across the world. Assessing four highway projects located in two distinct provinces, the paper illustrates...
Vinod Vasudevan
18 Mar 2020 Session 2 Assessing the Wider Economic Impacts of Transport Infrastructure Investment with an Illustrative Application to the North-South High-Speed Railway Project in Viet Nam
The paper aims to propose a mechanism to capture the spillover effects of transport infrastructure by identifying the employment agglomeration impact ...
Truong Thi My Thanh
18 Mar 2020 Session 3 Exploring a Dynamic Relationship between Transportation Strategies and Community Liveability: A Case of Kolkata Urban Agglomeration
The paper assesses the spatial dimensions by considering the evolution of the conurbation in four phases, and by looking at cumulative causation of the...
Arpan Paul
18 Mar 2020 Session 3 Urban Transportation Systems in Selected Small Developing Island States: A Comparative Analysis
The paper performs a multi-criteria comparative analysis of urban transportation systems in capital cities of selected Small Island Developing States ...
Urwah Khan
18 Mar 2020 Session 4 Impacts of Transport Infrastructure on Liveability: Evidence from Asian Countries
The paper attempts to understand the dynamics of howinfrastructure investments enhancetheliveabilityof city dwellers. Analyzing data from 20 Asian countries...
Md Aslam Mia
18 Mar 2020 Session 4 High-Speed Rails and Knowledge Production: A Global Perspective
This ongoing research aims to develop empirical macro-economic evidence for the effect of high-speed rails(HSRs) on Knowledge Production at an international...
Ayushman Bhatt
18 Mar 2020 Session 5 Transportation Mode Choice in Viet Nam Intercity Trips
In recent years, there have been a lot of discussions and debates about the decision to develop the high-speed rail (HSR ) system in Viet Nam.Thisarticledescribes...
Le Thu Huyen
18 Mar 2020 Session 5 Impacts of High-Speed Railway Infrastructures on Equity and Quality of Life
This paper introduces the Spatial and Social Equity Railway Indexes to assess the variation in travel times, the number of connections, prices and population...
Francesco Bruzzone
18 Mar 2020 Session 5 High-Speed Rail Systems Deployment and Megacity Formation: The MITO and ROSA Case Studies in Italy
Examining the case of high-speed rail (HSR )serviced city pairs ofMilano-Torino and Roma-Salerno in Italy, thispaper attempts to understand andexplorethe...
Francesca Pagliara


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