Restarting Economies and COVID-19 Control: Letting Loose Without Letting Up


Restarting Economies and COVID-19 Control: Letting Loose Without Letting Up

28 July 2020


Lockdowns have helped restrict COVID-19 transmission but at a terrible cost for business activity and people’s livelihoods. Policymakers need to know: How can we reopen our economies while keeping this disease in check?

This webinar discussed different non-pharmaceutical interventions countries have taken to contain COVID-19, and how these vary across countries and phases of the pandemic, and how effective different measures have been in controlling the spread of the disease. It also explored best practices in scaling up measures in testing, tracing, and isolation, as well as emerging lessons for public health systems over the medium and long term.

(Part 5 of the Asian Impact: ADB Research in Action webinar series)


Program and Learning Materials: 
Date Session / Activity Presentation Material Speaker(s)
28 Jul 2020 Presentation Letting Loose Without Letting Up: Global Evidence on Controlling COVID-19
This presentation explored how effective the different measures are proving to be in controlling the spread of COVID-19, and which measures are associated...
Liming Chen
28 Jul 2020 Presentation Restarting Economies and COVID-19 Control: Letting Loose without Letting Up
This presentation discussed the age-structured epidemiological model observing transmission of COVID-19,what researchershave learned fromthe earlier phase...
Keisha Prem


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