A pre-launch for the Circular Plastics Economy eLearning Course (ADB CE Webinar Series, Session 04)

Series: ADB Data Room: Circular Economy

A pre-launch for the Circular Plastics Economy eLearning Course (ADB CE Webinar Series, Session 04)

25 August 2022

How can policymakers and corporate strategists design and implement effective policies to reduce and eventually eliminate plastic pollution?

This was the 4th session of the Circular Economy Webinar Session as we pre-launch the Introduction of Circular Plastics Economy for Policy Makers eLearning Course, produced by STEAM Platform and sponsored by The Incubation Network.  Instructors of this course provide learners with an overview of the circular plastics economy, supported by policy insights, life cycle thinking, technical knowledge, ecosystem building, and business practices exemplified by case studies. 


Modules covered in this course: 

  • Introduction to Plastics Circularity & Overview 
  • Policy Challenge & Inclusive Circular Economy 
  • Plastics life cycle, value/supply chain, and Impact 
  • Circular Business Modules. Barriers & Enablers for Circular Economy 
  • Policy Implementation Mechanisms & Challenges and Consumer Behavior 
  • Public-Private Partnerships and Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Building 



Anna ITKIN, Managing Partner, The Inceptery Pte Ltd

Christina Chun-Ling HO, Waste Management & Resource Recycling Program Manager, TEPA

Diane ARCHER, Senior Research Fellow, Stockholm Environmental institute 

Lerwen LIU, Director, NanoGlobe Pte Ltd & STEAM Platform

Orathai PONGRUKTHAM, Advisor, Thailand Environment Institute

Viganda VARABUNTOONVIT, Asst.Prof., Kasetsart University 

Program and Learning Materials: 
Date Session / Activity Presentation Material Speaker(s)
25 Aug 2022 Presentations ESG Financing for Re-usable Packaging for e-Commerce
This presentation gives an overview of how PackAge+ provides online stores an eco-friendly way of shipping goods by using reusable packaging.
Pei-Tsz (Amy) Sun
25 Aug 2022 Presentations Circular Economy: Circular Business Models - Barriers and Enabler for Circular Economy
This presentation gives an overview of key elements for the implementation of Circular Economy Business Models and the role of policy.
Anna Itkin
25 Aug 2022 Presentations Policy Implementation Mechanisms & Challenges and Consumer Behaviorof TEPA
This presentation gives an overview of the mechanism and challenges in consumer behavior in the use of plastics.
Christina Chun-Ling Ho
25 Aug 2022 Presentations Towards Plastics Circularity – The Policy Challenge
This gives an overview of the changes in policy toward plastic circularity.
Diane Archer
25 Aug 2022 Presentations Plastics Circularity:Overview
This gives an overview of Circular Plastics Economy's knowledge integration and partnership.
Lerwen Liu
25 Aug 2022 Presentations Public-Private Partnership and Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Building
This gives an overview of the role of PPP in plastic circularity.
Orathai Pongruktham
25 Aug 2022 Presentations Plastic Life Cycle, Value and Supply Chain, and Impact
This gives an overview of the Life Cycle Impact Assessment Results tin comparing the virgin plastic resin to mechanical and chemical recycling plastic...
Viganda Varabuntoonvit


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