Low Temperature Gasification of Waste: Ultimate Solution for Energy/Waste/Climate (Circular Economy Webinar Series Session 17)

Series: ADB Data Room: Circular Economy

Low Temperature Gasification of Waste: Ultimate Solution for Energy/Waste/Climate (Circular Economy Webinar Series Session 17)

24 August 2023

This session discussed about an innovation for Waste to Energy: How Waste can be turned into an Energy Resource without air pollution and landfill needs as well as manage energy/waste/climate goals all at once.

The volume of waste not only in Korea but also around the world is exploding. Low-Temperature Gasification Technology Innovation, one of the first of its kind in the world, realized by the Miracle Cube of the Hanki Industry in South Korea, can recover energy from diverse sources of waste with maximum efficiency and minimum impact on air and landfill.  Finally, a technical breakthrough is made available to turn waste into energy resources to complete the circular economy loop. Unlike the other conventional pyrolysis systems, Miracle Cube can dispose of waste by the 50-ton reactor that operates in a synchronized batch process of 3 to 4 reactors all at once. 

Hanki Industrial Co. is providing a solution for the waste problem by successfully gasifying waste into synthetic gas at low temperatures producing 20% more energy and 50% less operating cost compared to conventional incinerators with minimum impact on air quality and leaving only bottom ash that could be recycled as ingredients for construction materials. The 50-ton reactor has the largest capacity for the pyrolysis process and carries a 15-year guarantee. The operation of the whole system is fully automated and monitored by the centralized control room.  



Ambassador Raekwon Chung is an adviser for Hanki Industrial Co., Board Director for Ban Ki-Moon Foundation, the first Climate Change Ambassador for Korea, and Chairman of New Climate Innovation Center, Tashkent State University of Economics, Uzbekistan. 

Injung Park is the General Manager of the Energy Division for Hanki Industrial Co. He is the general manager who oversees not only the energy division but also the account management department of the Hanki Industry.  

Program and Learning Materials: 
Date Session / Activity Presentation Material Speaker(s)
24 Aug 2023 Presentations Miracle Cube: Innovation for Waste, Ecology, Energy & Climate Challenges
This presentation gives an overview of how Hanki Industrial Co. is helping address waste issues in South Korea through technology and innovation.
Raekwon Chung
24 Aug 2023 Presentations Miracle Cube: Low Temp Pyrolysis Gasification
This presentation gives an overview of the Low Temp Pyrolysis Gasification process of Hanki Industrial Co..
Injung Park


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