Knowledge Partnership for Clean Energy


Knowledge Partnership for Clean Energy

16 December 2015 to 18 December 2015

To support the establishment and operationalization of the Indonesia Center of Excellence for Clean Energy, this Knowledge Partnership for Clean Energy: Workout on the Indonesia Center of Excellence served as the first pilot test case of ADB's “knowledge department” in applying the integrated knowledge partnership building strategy on operational needs that will produce next generation investments and finance using ADB’s “Finance ++” and “One ADB” approaches. ADB's knowledge department comprises of the Energy Sector Group, Knowledge Sharing and Services Center, South East Energy Division, and the Private Sector Operations Department.

Program and Learning Materials: 
Date Session / Activity Presentation Material Speaker(s)
16 Dec 2015 Presentation Center of Excellence for Clean Energy in Indonesia
Accelerating the development of new and renewable energy (NRE) in Indonesia is necessary given the vast availability of these national resources. Complementary...
F.X. Sutijastoto
16 Dec 2015 Presentation Geo-Enabled Decision Support System
There ispotential in turning the step by step development of a geo-enabled decision support system into reality as discussed in this presentation. The...
Bhuwneshwar Prasad Sah
16 Dec 2015 Presentation Accelerating the Deployment of Clean Technologies in Asia
Energy demand is projected to increase annually through 2035. An alternative approach to meeting this challenge is the scaling up of low-carbon technology...
Sasank Goli, Deepak Wadhwa
Date Session / Activity Presentation Material Speaker(s)
17 Dec 2015 Presentation Current Status and Policy Framework of Photovoltaics in China
As China faces pressure in managing its energy supply and greenhouse gas emissions, it needs to completely transform its energy structure in the next ...
Sicheng Wang
17 Dec 2015 Presentation Realizing the Goal of “23% Renewables by 2025” via Technology Innovation and Bioenergy
Biofuels, while seen as a favorable solution to the economic recession, are not all drought- and saline-resistant, and can also be expensive. A promising...
Shi-Zhong Li
17 Dec 2015 Presentation Climate Finance and Technology Adaptation: Korea's Case
Waste treatment technologies, characterized as stepwise, were developed by the Korea Environmental Industry and Technology Institute, with the aim to ...
Sung-Sik Moon
17 Dec 2015 Presentation How the Energy Field of Study at the Asian Insitute of Technology Can Support the Indonesia Center of Excellence with ADB
Indonesia’s transitional path to clean energy will require a considerable amount of resources—human, technological, and financial, among others. The Asian...
Jai Govind Singh
17 Dec 2015 Highlights of the Event Knowledge Partnership for Clean Energy: Highlights of the Workout on the Indonesia Center of Excellence
This material contains the highlights of Asian Development Bank’s Knowledge Partnership for Clean Energy Workout on the Indonesia Centerof Excellence. ...


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