Joint Internal Workshop on Urban Operational Plan


Joint Internal Workshop on Urban Operational Plan

04 December 2014

This learning event created synergy that benefited the Urban Sector Group (formerly Urban Community of Practice) network members, particularly those working in Asian Development Bank (ADB) resident missions (RMs) in supporting the Urban Operational Plan (UOP) implementation and ultimately delivering innovative and meaningful urban projects around Asia and the Pacific. ADB staff, RM participants, and resource persons engaged in knowledge sharing; discussed good ideas and experiences among cities; and interfaced on the latest developments, potential pathways, as well as emerging mechanisms under the Integrated Urban Planning and City Cluster Development towards a Green, Inclusive, Competitive, and Smart City.

Program and Learning Materials: 
Date Session / Activity Presentation Material Speaker(s)
04 Dec 2014 Opening Remarks Anand Chiplunkar
04 Dec 2014 Opening Speech Targeting City Clusters in ADB’s Urban Operational Plan
Asian Development Bank (ADB)’s Urban Operational Plan calls for engagement with urban regions, city clusters, and geographically coherent areas, but does...
Edward Leman
04 Dec 2014 Green City Session Urban Planning as the Proactive Foundation of Compact Green City
Technology alone will not prevent global warming; hence there is a need to transform cities and effect behavior change. The urban planning experience ...
Myounggu Kang
04 Dec 2014 Green City Session Cambodia: Integrated Urban Environmental Management in the Tonle Sap Basin
Thispresentation provides a project overview, including design and description, of Asian Development Bank's Integrated Urban Environmental Management ...
Anupma Jain
04 Dec 2014 Competitive City Session TheNextCitiesLab: An Opportunity
Technology is changing the world’s cities by connecting physical and digital spaces. Combining technology and territory makes exploration of new synergies...
Alfonso Vegara
04 Dec 2014 Competitive City Session Bangalore City Cluster Development Project
Thispresentation explains how to conduct economic and sector analyses, and prepareroad map and policy framework for cluster development in India’s Bangalore...
Saugata Dasgupta
04 Dec 2014 Inclusive City Session Future Proofing Cities
The Future Proofing Approach helps cities evaluate risks and opportunities and develop investable projects. By looking at 129 cities across Africa and...
Roger Savage
04 Dec 2014 Inclusive City Session Supporting Inclusive Development in Ulaanbaatar
Thispresentation provides an overview of the City of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, and identifies challenges in inclusive city development. The key issues affecting...
Wendy Walker
04 Dec 2014 Smart City Session Smart City Management and City-to-City Collaboration
Thispresentation shows how smart city management in the context of the City of Yokohama in Japan moves beyond smart city technology. Yokohama Partnership...
Toru Hashimoto
04 Dec 2014 Closing Remarks Gil-Hong Kim


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