Internal Auditing Youth Summit 2018

12 May 2018
Mandaluyong City

The Internal Auditing Youth Summit (IAYS) is an annual event that aims to lead Accountancy and Internal Auditing students from various universities in the Philippines to have a closer look at the Internal Auditing profession.

The Summit put spotlight on the trends in internal audit practice and emerging opportunities in the profession. IAYS 2018 provided participants with enriched theoretical learning and opportunities to widen their network.

The event was spearheaded by the Institute of Internal Auditors Student Chapter – Far Eastern University in collaboration with various partners including ADB.

Program and Learning Materials: 
Date Session / Activity Presentation Material Speaker(s)
12 May 2018 Opening Remarks
12 May 2018 Plenary Session 1 AI in IA: The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on the Future of Internal Audit
Artificial intelligence or AI is bringing significant changes in different sectors. Professionals, including internal auditors, also need to...
Kevin Louie Carbo
12 May 2018 Plenary Session 2 Fourth Industrial Revolution: What It Means For Us (Internal Auditors) Wei Sen “Catherine” Chang
12 May 2018 Presentation ADB Intern's Experience Cheena Timbol and Marissa Castro
12 May 2018 Breakout Session: Universal Opportunities and Challenges of IA in Different Sectors Roles of Internal Auditors in the Public Sector
Public sector auditors are in a unique position in terms of serving their stakeholders. Aside from the need to satisfy the needs of their respective...
Ryan Gabinete
12 May 2018 Breakout Session: Universal Opportunities and Challenges of IA in Different Sectors Universal Opportunities and Challenges of Internal Auditing in the Banking Industry
Banks now mostly rely on audit and risk committees to help comply with fiduciary responsibilities and provide protection against lawsuits and...
Edward Benedict Ang
12 May 2018 Breakout Session: Universal Opportunities and Challenges of IA in Different Sectors Opportunities and Challenges in the Manufacturing Sector
The manufacturing industry is multi-faceted and dynamic. Get to know the opportunities and challenges of internal audit (IA) in the manufacturing...
Ma. Filomena Hopilos
12 May 2018 Breakout Session: Skills Based Peeking Into the Storm: Managing IT Risk Using Predictive Intelligence
Predictive intelligence, in the context of internal audit, helps in managing risks before they even cause harm. This presentation shares how...
Ally Rannie Nicdao
12 May 2018 Breakout Session: Skills Based Emotional Intelligence: The Internal Auditor's Key to Successful Interpersonal Relationships
Building relationships is important for internal auditors. This will allow auditors to work effectively across units within an organization. ...
John Kebyn Villarino
12 May 2018 Breakout Session: Skills Based Protocols in Communicating Internal Audit Reports
Audit report is one of the most important parts of an audit process since it communicates the results of the work. It aims to persuade the readers...
Anthony Vergel Velasco
12 May 2018 Plenary Session 3 The Top Most Sought-after Internal Audit Skills
Just like any other profession, internal audit requires a set of skills and attributes for a practitioner to be effective. Such set of skills...
Abigail Blanca Pena
12 May 2018 Closing Remarks


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