Innovative Strategies for Development Summit 2016


Innovative Strategies for Development Summit 2016

08 June 2016 to 10 June 2016

Innovative Strategies for Development Summit (ISDS) gathered a diverse set of stakeholders and participants to discuss, debate, and develop new strategies related to the use of technological innovations in order to achieve several Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), such as in education, employment and entrepreneurship, sustainable agriculture, universal healthcare, smart cities, and connectivity.

With the theme, "Accelerating Inclusive and Sustainable Development through ICT," ISDS aimed to look at technology, particularly ICT, as an enabler for innovation that  effect developmental impact. ISDS 2016 brought together a consortium of high level thinkers and leaders from various local, national and international key organizations. It aimed to facilitate dynamic discussions, create connections, strengthen relations, and exchange knowledge on best practices in the use of ICT to achieve sustainable development. 

Program and Learning Materials: 
Date Session / Activity Presentation Material Speaker(s)
08 Jun 2016 Welcome Remarks Bambang Susantono
08 Jun 2016 Opening Address Hon. Mario Montejo
08 Jun 2016 Keynote Address Hon. Brahima Sanou
08 Jun 2016 Plenary 1 - Bridging the Gap: Designing Education Models that can Lead to Employment or Entrepreneurship ICT Strategies Enabling Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurship is solving problems, andtechnology entrepreneurs have the potential to solve problems on a global scale.Gerudio's Raman Nambiar talkedaboutbroadening...
Raman Nambiar
08 Jun 2016 Plenary 1 - Bridging the Gap: Designing Education Models that can Lead to Employment or Entrepreneurship ICT for Skills Development in the Changing World of Work
This presentationtalks about the issues and challenges in skills development in the Asia Pacific. It also outlines some of UNESCO's initiatives to promoteskills...
Jonghwi Park
08 Jun 2016 New Technologies and Education: From Bridging the Gap to Transformative Change
This presentation provides an overview ofnew technologies, and how these tools can be used to improve the quality and access to education.
Tania Rajadel
08 Jun 2016 Plug and Play: Our Story
The Plug and Play Tech Center, a Silicon Valley-based technology startup accelerator,has actively funded 400+companies since 2000. It provides pre-seed...
Jose Avelino Flores
Date Session / Activity Presentation Material Speaker(s)
09 Jun 2016 Financing Models including Health Insurance (ADB)
Currently, individuals finance health care through pre-paid meansand post-paid means. This presentation highlights the emerging role for private health...
Eduardo Banzon
09 Jun 2016 ICT as Enabler for Universal Health Coverage
Leveraging information, communication, and technology (ICT)in health helps increase efficiency, improve management, speed, and transparency. Data drives...
Susann Roth
Date Session / Activity Presentation Material Speaker(s)
10 Jun 2016 Value Beyond Connectivity
Korea Telecom, which serves almost 50% of the Korean broadband market, supports the broadband empowerment project called "Giga Island," which aims to ...
Byungki Oh


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